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Art Project 2021 — Submission #58

"Everything comes full circle."

Writing by Sammay Sam

Everything comes full circle.

What this site means to me is a lot. For most of my 20’s Myspace was an outlet for me. Not just an outlet for expression, but it was a connection to a boy who didn’t love me back. I was a punching bag in the emotional stance, while I updated constantly just to see if he updated his status. I may have been a little stalkerish. It gets cheerful I promise.
I found more than just pain though, I found myself. I found strength and wisdom. I found material and stories for the 3 books that Myspace lead me to publish. I found an outlet for my music, but mostly what I found is who I am now. I became strong because of this website, and I wouldn’t trade hitting that refresh button for anything.

© 2021 — Sammay Sam