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Art Project 2021 — Submission #37

"What Does SpaceHey Mean to You? And me...?"

Writing by Jo


by Josette Collins

Well, we meet again. It’s almost funny that a platform like this has returned. At the right timetoo for all of us, I’m assuming. I write & I speak. A lot. Sometimes more to myself & I go back &forth constantly with doing more & more with my writing or anything that embodies thecreativity in myself. I was so close to creating my own site to share, aside from my SoundCloud& occasional posts on Instagram/twitter, and other endeavors to come...but I was missingsomething. I was missing other open minds. Other creative hearts. Other people that are contentwith being themselves or slowly learning to again. With no judgement or superior pedestals.Then came Spacehey. And quickly we all rushed to feel that nostalgia & spark in us again from atime where we could unapologetically be ourselves. It’s f*****g great. So great, that it evenweeded out the egotistical heaviness on it’s own & here we are. The ones that just want to enjoythings in its purity. Mutuals. The real cool kids. I hope this is here to stay because I’ll be hereright along with it. Because honestly, who the hell is too cool for a reboot such as this one? I’mexcited to share, I’m excited to now pass on the coding skills we all know so well to my son whothought he was more of a wizard than I am. I’m excited to not see people try so hard on allthese other platforms. I’m excited for all it has to offer, truly. I know I'm not the only creativethat had a mini heart attack when hearing about Spacehey. Something refreshing but that stillholds so much youth in us & history. Amazing history. I can’t explain exactly what it means to mebecause the answer is so much more in depth than others may realize or not understand. It’s asif my inner child grabbed my hand and ran us to my laptop to create a profile within 10 secondswith no hesitation. Like it was needed. Then, to see this Spacehey project notification instantlykept that same feeling going. And I don’t know about you, but I’m trying to focus on anythingthat sparks that feeling. We deserve it after the obvious that continues to go on in this world.Look at me now. Talking to a platform like i’ve been in a healthy relationship with it for years.Actually guys, that’s literally it. Something healthy. Something that feels like HOME. I mean thatwith everything in me. That’s what it means. We all need something that allows us to just simplybreathe and bask in our own true self. No filters (pun possibly intended). I can’t help but feelthat almost everyone else that created a Spacehey, feels the same. Crazy how some things meetback at the heart full circle. As I’m sipping my first cup of coffee of the day, listening to lofi in myone bedroom apartment in Los Angeles that I manifested growing up...and on Spacehey. This ispure bliss. Like, my 8 year old son had a ball with me looking through pages and pages oflayouts. I could cry. So, thank you, Spacehey. For reminding me, us, all of us on here that it's thesimple things that make us genuinely happy. The effortless gift you gave us all without evenrealizing it probably. You da best, An <3

© 2021 — Jo