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Art Project 2021 — Submission #25

Submission #25

Writing by 🚧A. Beezy 1k

SpaceHey to me is an adrenaline rush down memory lane.

Nostalgia, countless hours spent scrolling and adding strangers, whom turned to life long friends.

I joined Myspace about a year after it launched and the same for SpaceHey.

I accumulated over 100,000 friends on there (currently @ 86k) I'm hoping to accomplish the same feat on here.

I love making new friends online, even though I'm an introvert. I guess it's just easier to talk to people behind a phone/computer screen.

My old graphic designer friend from Myspace is the one who actually told me about your site, so that just goes to show what good friends I've made via social media.

I can't wait to continue this glorious journey that we call SpaceHey, see you on the other side!

We're all just animals right?

- https://spaceHey.com/zoo

© 2021 — 🚧A. Beezy 1k