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"Watching dr. G medical examiner "

Artist, Autoromantic, female, 33, Canada, lgbt

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Art, tattoos, piercings, creating, digit art, digital painting, urban myths, creepypasta, horror, Halloween , lgbt rights, Autoromantic rights, gaming ( video games) 1597-E14-A-D32-F-49-FD-A80-F-30-EA4721-EF29 876-BDD77-78-E6-4-EF0-9-E87-42979-F46-B030 16745-E37-95-C5-4-C49-BF8-D-94050664-CA5-D DE5-F7-F81-48-B3-498-C-8-F71-83-AA5526-BC9-D 514-DF2-F9-DFBF-45-E0-AB6-B-D303-A3-D19848 DCD53382-1609-4-A61-8234-418-E760002-BC


Abba, dead or alive, Marilyn Manson, insane clown posse, twizitid, Donna summer, Johnny Mathis, dope, robe zombie, aqua, Brittany Spears, gaga, and razekel, surgikal incizion, journey, lil’ John, evanescence, otep, spragga Benz, lady saw, Natasha atlas, blondie FDCCE461-6-E2-F-4-C3-D-84-B5-D4-B65-EDFF221


Flight 93/ united 93, reanimator trilogy, moxie, dumbling, chucky, Freddy, Jason’s, Dracula 0-DA3-B015-02-BD-46-DE-9950-4-E8258-A48398 08548-B37-20-D6-46-AE-B569-36-ACCEB9-AD41 D8-F9-B4-B9-8-C50-4-F79-A461-68-B9-C99456-B5 0764528-E-24-A1-48-C1-BCF8-035-ECC24-DF8-A 2-B740-CBC-F7-FF-4-EA8-B2-C1-D91-E133-CD286 81248093-3484-478-C-A958-4-D86-C542-EEC2 A1670950-EF16-4-ABC-A346-90-CC9-E0-FF740 5056-E1-C7-5-F23-445-C-B2-DF-6-C468-B08-C09-D


Netflix, YouTube, Tubi, BA5-B24-D1-0-EFE-4056-91-BB-FA4-C0-F4-C4638


Horror, horror and horror 248794-DD-2572-4-E8-D-B568-E2-DC9-D9-E1-A71 0764528-E-24-A1-48-C1-BCF8-035-ECC24-DF8-A 2-B740-CBC-F7-FF-4-EA8-B2-C1-D91-E133-CD286 81248093-3484-478-C-A958-4-D86-C542-EEC2 A1670950-EF16-4-ABC-A346-90-CC9-E0-FF740 5056-E1-C7-5-F23-445-C-B2-DF-6-C468-B08-C09-D


Hp. Love craft, Stephan king, Romeo Dallaire. 281-EFD35-4926-49-F5-9-FA6-7-F80-F0352-F25 3121-A26-D-0-F57-4-CCC-8845-833-F63235-F6-A A2-AEE31-B-376-A-4-A5-A-A88-B-5-CC3501-CD043

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About me:

My legal name is elena melanson, I am an artist, author, musician photographer, gamer. I go by the name Tiffany or sometimes name is Sufi, I am part of the lgbt community Particularly am an auto romantic meaning I am attracted to myself romantically and sexually. But I do like horror stories in the horror and Creepypasta things that are scary but won’t offend smaller people (kids). Who doesn’t love a good monster or Cryptid or ghost or whatever there is that gonna scare you. Ps. Autoromantic does have anyth To do with cars. my ko-fi| visit my shop!| subscribe to my YouTube channel | artof scary podcast| DA6-AB168-362-E-42-BC-BDFB-1-C70-EBC71-ED5 F6-EE84-F3-1-DA6-4-AEE-84-EF-6-ACEF818-FF50

Who I'd like to meet:

Artist and musician and follow creatives. No bots of any kind look at the buffalo to see who I want to meet. C4-FCDFDE-0766-4791-A19-E-D34-FEA150-FE5 F88-C03-B3-24-CE-419-F-9-D46-471-D1-A71-A54-E

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