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":33 < customizing my purr-ofile"

:33 < any purr-onouns! INFP, ENG/RUS :D

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:33 < homestuck, hiveswap, guidestuck, redditstuck, other mspfa, roleplaying, rave and plur culture/etiquette, sparkledogs, collecting trinkets, amusement parks, cosplaying, kandi, y2k/scene fashion, bfdi, bfb, hfjone, inanimate insanity, object overload, moss, burger brawl, the nightly manor, baldi's basics, bendy and the ink machine, undertale, dance dance revolution, gachalife, danganronpa, nyan neko sugar girls, cookie run, roblox, dave and bambi, yandere sim, five nights at freddy's, one night at flumpty's, cr33pypastas, scp foundation, the backrooms, minecraft, hermitcraft, fanfiction, homestarrunner, hotdiggedydemon, shiping, activism, surreal horror, bluechair, conspiracy theories, warrior cats


:33 < 100 gecs, mediival slime, blad33, ecco2k, thaiboy digital, andrew goes to hell, crying in the club, ayesha erotica, dorian electra, rory in early 20s, toybox, s3rl, disko warp, machine girl, galen tipton, c4ff31n3, that boy, nero's day at disneyland, sh!tmat, goresh!t, millionaires, smeowblower, toxic lipstick, dot dot curve, i set my friends on fire, the offspring, blink-182, brokencyde, kets4eki, kidsnorlax, korn, limp bizkit, cannibal corpse, slaughter to prevail, 8485, asking alexandria, cute is what we aim for, silverstein, scary kids scaring kids, 311, sublime, mf doom, eminem, boogie down productions, the spill canvas, senses fail, hawthorne heights, a day to remember, story of the year, aldn, rebzyyx, zeija, osquinn/p4rkr, gupi, fraxiom, food house, blackwinterwells, alice longyu gao, queef jerky, maximum the hormone, 2worth, 6arelyhuman, hoshie star, h3artcrush, owl city, alice gas.. many many mores!!! i just really luv hypurpop, nightcore, breakcore, experimental, and sigilkore :3


:33 < mean girls, legally blonde, confessions of a shopaholic, scream, nightmare on elm street, halloween, friday the 13th, the spongebob movie, zootopia, con air, the older barbie movies, into the spiderverse, venom, deadpool, the my little pony movie and the equestria girls movies, american psycho


33 < lucky star, sponebob, the amazing world of gumball, regular show, adventure time, dexter's labratory, dance moms, south park, bananya, bungo stray dogs, beavis and butthead, mio mao, highrise invasion, invader zim, fanboy and chum-chum, my little pony, himoutou umaru-chan


:33 < girl in pieces, diary of a wimpy kid, captain underpants, a good girl's guide to murder, insignificant events in the life of a cactus, furget me not, bad kitty, big nate, those minecraft handbooks, highschool debut, kitchen princ33ss, the name of this book is secret, goosebumps...


:33 < laura les and alice gas!!! violent-j and shaggy2dope!! :3

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About me:

    :33 < WAIT!!!!


    there are a WHOLE lot of flashing/strobing colors
    and eyestrain!!!
    :33 < if you're visually sensitive to these things,
    i'd suggest turning back!

    if you're not,
    just stick around! :B purrofile might be a bit buggy/slower to load... не говорите, что я вас не предупреждал...

    ᶜˡᶦᶜᵏ ᵇᵉˡᵒʷ ᵗᵒ ᵍᵉᵗ ᵗᵒ ᵐʸ ᵖʳᵒᶠᶦˡᵉ
    LET ME IN!!

    creds to TAE!
What Homestuck Kid Are You?
What Homestuck Kid Are You?
Hosted By Anime Which Alpha Female Troll Are You?
Which Alpha Female Troll Are You?
Hosted By Anime :33 < hiya!!! i'm nepeta (or neopeta if you're wanting to be funny!!!) and i am 6-sw33ps (13 in human years) old!!! im a prospit dreamer and a rouge of heart :3 i use any and all purr-onouns and you can refer to me with whatever terms you'd wanna.. just make sure you k33p it changed up!! :D i'm a splitroject in a osdd system so it would make me reaaally happy if you simply refer 2 me and treat me as nepeta leijon and jade harley in the flesh ^_^ doubles, kinnies, canonmates, and mediamates can always interact!!! Shiny Star
:33 < russian translation: приветик!!! я Непета (или Неонепета, если хочется пошутить!!!) и мне 6 засечек (эквивалент 13 человеческих лет)!!! я сновидец Пропспита и вор Рода :3 я использую любые местоимения, и вы можете обращаться ко мне любыми словами, которые захотите... главное, меняйте их!! :D я раздельная личность в системе ОСРС, так что будет здорово, если вы просто будете обращаться ко мне и относиться ко мне как к самой Непете Лейон во плоти ^_^ двойни, кинни, товарищи по канону и товарищи из медиа всегда могут общаться с со мной!!!

Who I'd like to meet:

:33 < homestuckies, humans and trolls alike, fictkins/"irls", scene kids, people who make kandi, juggalos/juggalettes, therians and furries, artists, and object show fans!!!

:33 < click fur my ships!!!

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☆ UmLammerJammyXD ☆

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Thanks for the add!! your profile is really cool >:3

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i can not possible explain how much I love your profile layout 0.0 I constantly go back to your profile just to look at your layout XP

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:33 < ZOMGG THANKUU!!! ^o^ its constantly being added to, h33h33!!!

by NEOPETA/JADE; ; Report


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ur page smells and tastes like cupcakes and rainbows. /pos :3

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:33 < *THE* compliment EVFUR... THANKU SO MUCH!! (>w<)

by NEOPETA/JADE; ; Report


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i <3 ur profiel sososoo much ooofmmgg…. ty 4 the add =^_^=

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:33 < THANKU!!! and of corpse!!! ^_^

by NEOPETA/JADE; ; Report