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"chilling idk"

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playing my guitars, reading, researching true crime and obscure topics, collecting useless things


edm, scene, emo, shoegaze, dreampop, lofi, vocaloid, punk/postpunk, visual kei, jrock, metal


any ghibli films, a silent voice, spiderman into the spiderverse, the batman, the matrix franchise


atla, adventure time, regular show, toh, gravity falls, she-ra, mlp, daria, bojack horseman, south park, clone high, bee and puppycat, the walten files, no. 6, death note, cowboy bebop, aot, hxh, serial experiments lain, nge, saiki k, soul eater, jjba, panty and stocking, madoka magica


(+manga/webcomics) the shining, the dark tower series, no longer human, junji itos works, goodnight punpun, i am a hero, heartstopper, ranfren


kurt cobain and keanu reeves

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im a chronically online stoner looking for some buddies pls intereact if ... 13+, same interests, scemos, no dry ass mfs allowed The Elders Scroll Skyrim - Precision

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hey ty for the add. luv the page layout

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thanks man, i really appreciate it :)

by ★ matt; ; Report


hibiscuspetal's profile picture

thx for the add!! u seem wonderfull

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aw tysm !! u do as well :]

by ★ matt; ; Report

maritza (don)

maritza (don)'s profile picture

thanks for the add :)KURT KURT KURT!!!!

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by ★ matt; ; Report


benji!!'s profile picture

awesome layout!! thx for the add :D

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hey tysm !! i luv urs as well :]

by ★ matt; ; Report


zombiekat's profile picture

thanks 4 the add! droolin at the Cyberia tunes

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ah another lain fan! amazing taste >:)

by ★ matt; ; Report

Cass ✦

Cass ✦ 's profile picture

thanks for the add !! :] I also really enjoy madoka magica !!

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ofc !! u seem rly cool :] (and all madoka magica fans are automatically awesome tbh)

by ★ matt; ; Report


ᧁꫀꪮ᥅ᧁ꠸ꪖ's profile picture

thanks for the add, I love Saiki K!!!! =)

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ofc!! u seem rly cool :]

by ★ matt; ; Report


Worm(They/It)'s profile picture

Thankz for accepting my fren request ! :D

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hey ofc dude u seem rly cool :] dm whenevr ... id love to be friends !!

by ★ matt; ; Report