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"Working on art commissions!"

26 year old in Texas!

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✿ Drawing digitally ✿ Commentary Youtube ✿ Anime ✿ Fashion ✿ Makeup ✿ Crafting ✿ Twitch streaming ✿ Baking ✿ Roller skating ✿ Pole fitness ✿ Lyra Hoop ✿ Singing ✿ Dancing ✿ Romance


✿ Mary Lambert ✿ Tessa Violet ✿ Orla Gartland ✿ Dodie ✿ Taylor Swift ✿ Penelope Scott ✿ Hayley Kiyoko ✿ Melanie Martinez ✿ Owl City


✿ Rushmore ✿ The Grand Budapest Hotel ✿ 500 Days of Summer ✿ Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind ✿ I Heart Huckabees ✿ Princess Diaries 2 ✿ Barbie as Princess and the Pauper ✿ Moulin Rouge ✿ A Silent Voice ✿ It’s Such a Beautiful Day ✿ Whisper of the Heart ✿ Howl’s Moving Castle ✿ Kiki’s Delivery Service ✿ Castle In The Sky ✿ Porco Rosso ✿ The Wind Rises ✿ The Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya ✿ Amelie ✿ Steven Universe The Movie ✿ All Winnie The Pooh ✿ Annie (1982) ✿ Beastly ✿ Clueless ✿ Enchanted ✿ Tangled ✿ The Greatest Showman ✿ Hamilton ✿ In Your Eyes ✿ Jojo Rabbit ✿ La La Land ✿ Legally Blonde ✿ High School Musical ✿ Mamma Mia ✿ Searching ✿ Happy Death Day ✿ Cabin In The Woods ✿ It 2 ✿ Stranger Than Fiction ✿ Perfect Blue ✿ Everything Everywhere All At Once ✿ The Virgin Suicides ✿ Little Women ✿ Barbie as Princess and The Pauper


✿ Parks and Recreation ✿ Steven Universe ✿ Toradora ✿ Your Lie In April ✿ Danganronpa ✿ The Melancholy Life of Haruhi Suzumiya ✿ Chobits ✿ Madoka Magica ✿ Hamtaro ✿ Avatar The Last Airbender ✿ The Nanny ✿ Shugo Chara ✿ Tokyo Mew Mew ✿ Fruits Basket ✿ Ouran High School Host Club ✿ 30 Rock ✿ How I Met Your Mother ✿ The Good Place ✿ K-On! ✿ Community ✿ Ah My Goddess ✿ Sugar a Little Snow Fairy ✿ Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne ✿ Full Moon Wo Sagashite ✿ Mermaid Melody ✿ Squid Game


✿ Harry Potter ✿ The Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya ✿ The Tea Dragon Society


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About me:

I’m a dorky, nerdy, queer digital creator! I’m 26 years old, pansexual, demisexual, Nonbinary, and polyamorous. I go by any pronouns! Doing my best to be a manic pixie dream girl. I love trying to do every single hobby at once and feeling depressed that I’m not a master at all of them. My main stuff I like to do is draw, stream on Twitch, make YouTube videos, watch anime, and watch commentary YouTube videos! Also I’m obsessed with romance. Big head in the clouds romantic. I have 2 partners! My lovely husband and my sweet fiancé. Hoping to have kids soon! Here’s some pics of me~! Here’s some of my art~! My tattoos~!

Who I'd like to meet:

Fellow nerds! I love talking about anime, gaming, or both. My favorite thing is when someone has passions they really geek out about. I love seeing the joy in someone’s eyes when they ramble about something they really like.

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