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Flaming Guitar Pick

my name is


18 year old English Literature major; I am a gay man, white, neurodivergent, and taken by Jack. I have been on HRT since 8/18/21. IM's are off, so if you ever want to talk to me just ask for my Discord in the comments of one of my Bulletins!


all stamps sourced from stampkin and yumenosakiacademy

Who I'd like to meet:

Jokes aside, anyone as long as you're nice! If I add you, we share at least one interest, I prommy :-)

I will not add you back if you are under 16, have your age unlisted, have an unreadable layout (fonts [from a font generator], flashing, obnoxious rainbow imagery, etc) or just come off as an immature child, sorry. I also block liberally if you fit my dni criteria. If you throw coniption fits over people blocking you then I fear that is a skill issue!

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☆.ang3l_c4ke.☆'s profile picture

Theo we should play in PonyTown

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brakenoharts's profile picture

THEO!!!!!!!!!! YOU ARE AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!

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chrzanaptor's profile picture

yessss another puyo fan!!! finally!!! i love puyo puyo!!!

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dan's profile picture

Thanks for the add!! what's your favorite puyo puyo era? Mine's compile :D

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sega, i love puyo puyo tetris so fucking mcuh

by theo; ; Report

That's cool!! Who's your favorite character from ppt?? I really like Tee but my favorite characters overall are Arle (especially her compile characterization) and Lagnus :D

by dan; ; Report

lemres and klug :-p

by theo; ; Report


BILL's profile picture

heyy, thanks for the add! u look so cool but i couldnt send u message so i'm placing here ┳┳ヾ(T(エ)Tヽ)

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yes. i have ims off...... cuz spacehey msgs suck. but tysm u also look very kewl

by theo; ; Report

tyy, do u have somewhere else to chat? :0

by BILL; ; Report

my discord issss teddybearplague#2004 if you bave one :-)

by theo; ; Report

going to add u!!

by BILL; ; Report


kat's profile picture

tysm for the add, i love all your stamps! especially the 'smile for me' ones, a great game i see seldomly. rly cool <3

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tysm i love your layout too<3 and i love smile for me!!

by theo; ; Report


stfuani❦'s profile picture

cool layout!!!

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marz's profile picture


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lala ♡

lala ♡'s profile picture

what a cool layout!! and wow similiar interests!! aaa!! /gen /pos
you seem very cool /gen

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you too i fucking love draculaura eheheheh

by theo; ; Report

i do too!!
also felt the need to mention; repo the genetic opera, you have good taste!!

by lala ♡; ; Report

AWWW TY i ened to rewatch it sometime soon!!!!

by theo; ; Report


Charoite's profile picture

Bro your layout is *chef's kiss* and I DID ACTUALLY READ YOUR 'BEFORE YOU FRQ ME' BLOG AM I NOW GOD?/j

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yes... thank you so much ehehhee

by theo; ; Report

I AM GOD NOW A FEMALE GOD BUT GOD!/j And your welcome man I actually do read things like the about me's and shit instead of just the layout and then FRQ-

by Charoite; ; Report


Darren!'s profile picture

you're so cool, i'm crying

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Armastus's profile picture

Thanks for the add! I love neurotoxin

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joser's profile picture


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by theo; ; Report

Randy ! ! !

Randy ! ! !'s profile picture

OMG a hlvrai fan

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yaes... love hlvrai

by theo; ; Report


kip's profile picture

your profile is so cool we must be friends (no pressure but pls.)

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of course... i have ims turned off cuz i hate spacehey ims but theo#3631 on discord :-)

by theo; ; Report

just added u, my pfp is Gir from invader zim :]

by kip; ; Report


benry's profile picture

i love ur profile!!!!

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tysm ;_;

by theo; ; Report


? RIDDLER's profile picture

I LUV UR PROFILE !! portal is so fun and silly

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i love ur profile also..... pogchamp edward nashton nygma riddler

by theo; ; Report

TYTY!! riddler so quirky i luv him, pogchamp indeed

by ? RIDDLER; ; Report


DKTR's profile picture

i cant embed images but here is a funny thing i was going 2 send cus i saw u had frankenstein in ur books section

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franky's profile picture

i love your profile!!! portal is so silly awesome :]

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incel!!!!!!!!!!!!'s profile picture

THANKS FOR THE ADD!! ur profile is so cool >0<

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