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aaron - 18yo - he/it - autistic - queer

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4chan, animal care, birding, cob architecture, idols, ikemen, iyashikei, leftist politics, plushies, rhythm games, permaculture, psychedelic fashion


ADT (Alaska daylight time - UTC/GMT -8 hours)


to hug a cow


Mostly rythum games & visual novels

Backloggd - VNDB - Steam - osu!mania


very all over the place lol
my fav genres are bossa nova, rythum game stuff, ska, new wave, psychedelic rock, touhou, and lots of jpop


bill and ted's excellent adventure


quite a bit of anime, 640 completed as i am writing this lol. below are my current faves:
akebi-chan, bokusatsu tenshi dokuro-chan, chobits, clannad, fate, girls last tour, higurashi, idoly pride, kaiji, lain, love live, bakemonogatari, mm!, mlp:fim, oddtaxi, sayonara zetsubou sensei, welcome to demon school iruma-kun, welcome to the nhk, yuru camp
for everything i have seen, check my AniList. Or if you have MAL.


i mostly read 1 of 4 genres; political theory, homesteading, diet, or occult.


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About me:

hi, my name is aaron and i use he/it pronouns ^^
i tend to be enthusiastic and passionate online, but a bit bird-brained so please be patient with me. i am online mostly to learn new things and for comfort & to have fun. please talk to me about anything you are interested in, i feel really exited getting to make friends & learn about people! i do tend to be a bit "spacey", but don't mistake that for a lack of interest! speaking of interests, don't forget to read mine!

Kins - Astrology
i am also yunocchi from hidamari sketch & a magical girl irl (non kin / da), please be kind! I do not want to be reality checked but am ok with separating my current physical self and the characters!

Who I'd like to meet:

anyone else with similar interests to mine!
note: please do not interact if you are racist, bigoted, transphobic, homophobic, ableist, a gatekeeper, terf, truscum, or christian.
also please use the correct terms on me

Instagram - Spotify - AniList - MFC - Steam - Osu - Goatlings



songs stuck in my head

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JUST some tropical vibes for you🌊🌴🥥🍹

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tysm for the add back! love ur profile vibes

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JUST a retro popcorn thriller for you!📼🍿🥤

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cool page!!!!

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i like your pfp! i remember buying the omnibus of azumanga daioh in middle school and it was one of the first mangas i ever got :D also i see you like ska! i got into ska myself over the last couple months, do you have any song or band suggestions/favs?

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i think ive seen the omnibus cover before, its so cute ^^
also another ska enjoyer 🤝 i haven't listened to many different artists but what got me into it was Streetlight Manifesto. honestly they have never put out a bad song/album so anywhere is good to start. The Blonde Lead The Blind is what really hooked me, there was a Tomboy Thursday video circulating twitter with this as the background music and thats how i gave the whole genre a try lol.

by applesauce; ; Report

I agree! I haven't listened to their whole discography yet but they're definitely one of my favorites, I really like "A Better Place, a Better Time" by them. Going off what's on my playlist I think they're the first band I listened to as well lol. Some of the other first ska songs I liked are "I Never Promised You A Rose Garden" by The Suicide Machines, "Some Nights" by Half Past Two (wish they had more listeners, they're great), and "Mr. Smiley" by Mustard Plug :D

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omg ur user is applesauce mine is applesauce but in german… Hello….

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fellow applesauce username 🤝 everyone i have met who has this user we have become good friends so that's a good sign!
can i ask you about the hide-able button thing you did on your profile for your stamps?

by applesauce; ; Report

apple sauce Gang o(`ω´ )o

n sure! its a html tag called details , i cant explain well but they’re very easy to use just google around a bit !!!

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by applesauce; ; Report


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THANKS for the add request.You are totally tubular! 🎧

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thank u for the add!! rina tennoji kinnies (handshake)

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good to see another yuru camp enjoyer here, thx for the add

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yuru camp is 10/10

by applesauce; ; Report


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please leave comments and things!!

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