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taiko, games, development, mechanical keyboards, conlanging, conlangs, music (making and enjoying), and parkour.


breakcore, jungle ambient-type stuff, webcore, internet girl, and all the music from BOMB RUSH CYBERFUNK there is more in the about me section!


neon genesis evangelion, Bocchi The Rock!, Hardcore Henry and some other stuff I'm forgetting! (I'm not an avid movie / tv enjoyer)


stuff I can find at my local library but in specific I love House Of Leaves


I have two cats!


I have a Miyoo Mini+, a Gameboy Color, DS Lite, some old shitty camera, A walkman, 3 mice and 2 mechanical keyboards (one is broken) 1 shitty default keyboard, A raspberry pi, and a computer. I WANT AN AMIGA

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About me:

I'm appak! I'm a person on the internet who likes all sorts of stuff! (look at the interests tab) I try to focus on my real life so I don't go on any social media-type stuff, but sometimes I do, and this is one of them.

I do stuff:


I speak toki pona, a conlang with 120~ words, so if you know it, speak with me, and if I see it we might have a chat (I'm not very decent haha.) I am also working on a conlang- kinda. It will prolly stay private, idk

games and mods

I make mods for a game called celeste classic: the og version of the game Celeste. you can see my mods here. I also make real games here.


I'm a BOMB RUSH CYBERFUNK preacher, (holy shit go play it NOW) osu addict, csgo player, golden age cod enjoyer, cultist in cult of the lamb, and other stuff, idk. I love me a rhythm game, and I was there before fnf became mainstream and bad.


I listen to a wide range of genres: ambient, breakcore, jungle webcore, chiptune, drum n bass, hyperpop (tho not a lot), jazz, lofi, and some more. specific artists I enjoy are Venetian Snares, Louie Zong, Internet Girl, Bicep, natori, Mr. Sauceman, Lena Raine, and 2003 Toyota Corolla.

I also sometimes make music in Renoise and Fl Studio that I publish over at bandcamp!

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Who I'd like to meet:

Sonja Lang, Venitian Snares, Team Reptile

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