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30, NL, f

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Mood: my rich ex smoked all my weed

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I am thirty years old so Bo Burnham speaks to me.

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Jason's profile picture

Ok, cliched response coming up for accepting my friend request...
Thanks for the add!

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eros's profile picture

thnx for the add! hope ur havin a gr8 day!

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ЯΛY ЯΛVΛGΣ's profile picture

thanks for the add! of moet ik zeggen, bedankt voor de add?^^

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🥓 Bacon 🥓

🥓 Bacon 🥓's profile picture

Thanks for the add, I was wanting to comment on your tiktok post and fully agree lol. I left all social media (the day I found this place lol) because I'm just over bring invisible while a fake ass will always be seen and cared about.. No one has yet to message me about it. People complain about fb some even say they miss MySpace, I told them about this site, *I'll pretend I didn't see that*.

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Lol yeah sorry that blogpost ended kind of weird and dramatic. I should really stop writing when I'm stoned/depressed. Anyway I do still have all social media accounts, but I'm just too damn good at them :') I feel like I'd waste a decent following if I deleted all of them. Basically a slave to my followers and zucking zuck's social dicke.

by Ansjah; ; Report

Yeah I've left all mine up, just logged out and removed the apps off my phone. There's people who have yet to even notice I've gone...hahaha. Kinda why I left, no one gives a shit lol

by 🥓 Bacon 🥓; ; Report


jacob's profile picture

thanks for the add! i love how you have tiny tim on your profile haha

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Thank you, I guess we are both weirdo's.

by Ansjah; ; Report

haha nothing wrong w being a weirdo!

by jacob; ; Report


KNOTHEAD's profile picture


Thanks for linking in with me!

Please consider checking out some of the stuff on my page!


How's things with you today? 🤔

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♰ Sho Shinjo ♰

 ♰ Sho Shinjo ♰'s profile picture

Thanks for the add!

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JYRICK BOONE's profile picture

How are you doing today?(:

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Duke of Bilgewater

Duke of Bilgewater's profile picture

Thanks for the add.

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Ceilidh Murphy

Ceilidh Murphy's profile picture

Thanks for the add :)

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I knew I had to add you due to your interests :)

by Ansjah; ; Report

pizza and sims are pretty great lol.

by Ceilidh Murphy; ; Report

Nate Fitz

Nate Fitz's profile picture

Thanks for the add, have a wonderful day!

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bowie's profile picture

hey thank you for the adddddd! What's new?

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docilefuct's profile picture

I never thanked you for adding me, so… better late than never: thanks for the add. Lol

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Alheiminn's profile picture

Oh hi! My favorite FNM vid on your music board 🤘 🤜🤛

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Ray Fucking Packer

Ray Fucking Packer's profile picture

Hey, thanks for adding me.

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Danny's profile picture

Hey what's up ?

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DarkMiryam's profile picture

Ciao from Italy, thank you very much for adding me!

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Hannah's profile picture

Your profile is a whole vibe!! I am loving it!! Thanks for the friendship!

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rachel's profile picture

Thanks for the add!! I love this vibe :)

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Lil's profile picture

Such a fucking fine taste in movies. Thanks for the friendship!✌

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