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"just a silly wannabe scene girl XP"

angie, US, she/her

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♡ Drawing ♡ Knitting ♡ Crocheting ♡ Old Tech ♡ My 3DS <333 ♡ Playing Games ♡ Psychology ♡ Cats!! ♡ Plushies ♡ Taking Pictures ♡ Shopping!! ♡ Chatting ♡ KISSING GIRLS!! 💯 (Ive never actually kissed a girl..😢)


☆ My Fav Songs Rn:
♡ ︎ Uncomfortably Numb - American Football ♡ ︎ Bloody Kisses (A Death in the Family) - Type O Negative ♡ ︎ Banana Co - Radiohead

☆ My Fav Artists/Bands:
♡ ︎Type O Negative ♡ ︎12 Rods ♡ ︎American Football ♡ ︎Boygenius ♡ ︎Radiohead (MY FAV) ♡ ︎Weezer (..🙁) ♡ Pity Sex ♡ The Cranberries ♡ The Smashing Pumpkins ♡ +way too many to mention but these are my top favs!


♡ ︎Howl's Moving Castle ♡ ︎Everything Everywhere All At Once ♡ I Am Not Okay With This ♡ 10 Things I Hate About You ♡ Moulin Rouge ♡ Hannibal ♡ The Owl House ♡ Shera (watched like 6 times idk..) + more I can't remember rn


♡ Jojos :) ♡ Chainsaw Man ♡ Nana ♡ JJK ♡ Banana Fish ♡ SK8 ♡ Adachi and Shimamura ♡ Bloom Into You
Natural Natural


♡ Chainsaw Man ♡ The Guy She Was Interested Wasn't A Guy At All [fave :)] ♡ Kase-San ♡ Tamen De Gushi ♡ Not So Shoujo Love Story ♡ Cherry Crush ♡ Seasons of Blossom ♡ Run Away With Me, Girl ♡ I Love Amy


♡ Stardew Valley ♡ Terraria ♡ Minecraft ♡ FFXIV ♡ The Sims 4 ♡ Tomodachi Life ♡ Animal Crossing: New Horizons ♡ Harvest Moon ♡ Pokemon (classic) ♡ Omori ♡ Roblox (w/ friends) ♡ Unpacking (<33333) ♡ Lake ♡ Oxenfree ♡ Missed Messages ♡ A New Life ♡ Power Wash Simulator ♡ House Flipper ♡ Coffee Talk

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About me:

Natural Natural Natural Natural Natural Natural Natural Natural Natural Natural Natural Natural Natural Natural Natural ♡hiiii, im angie, im just a teen having fun making a blog :))

Feel free to msg or friend me! Im up to talk about anything!
It's tamaNOTchi! Click to feed!
♡ click icon to visit juno! ( I think Juno died)

Layout created by tilapia (

Who I'd like to meet:

I'm so up to talk to anyone! Im on here to meet more people like me so don't be shy, if you think we'd get along feel free to message me :D

(I'm a minor! Not adding anyone who's in their thirties or something, there are creeps out there!!! Also don't want to add friend collectors, I want to actually talk to people :// So if I added you, you probably seemed cool, we shared interests, and/or you don't seem like a creep lol.)
Natural Natural Natural Natural Natural Natural Natural Natural Natural Natural

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r u a creep… a weirdo?

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what the hell am i doing here.. i don't belong here....

by Angie :); ; Report

✩ yuki-miya ✩

✩ yuki-miya ✩'s profile picture

thankuu for the add!! your profile looks so cute!

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omg tysm!!! i love yours sm too :DDD

by Angie :); ; Report


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greetings 👋

by Angie :); ; Report

You r phenomenal

by nex♫; ; Report


SAV!☆'s profile picture

undercover EMO alert!!

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by Angie :); ; Report


SAV!☆'s profile picture

every once in a while i hop on here to feed juno but i dont think it has a will to live...

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thank you for being the only person sustaining juno...

by Angie :); ; Report


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The WORST Hailey simp I've ever known 🫶🏻 (jk ur the coolest)

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ITS HALEY LOSER (you’re cool too I guess…)

by Angie :); ; Report

I'm reporting this account for bullying

by EMMET!!; ; Report


by Angie :); ; Report


jude's profile picture

your layout is so adorable!! you have to give me some gl recs! :)

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Thank you so much, I love your profile too!! And any time lol, right now I'm reading Kase-San, I'm so up to talk anytime, feel free to message me! :DD

by Angie :); ; Report


✩𝑀𝑜𝓇𝑔𝒶𝓃✩'s profile picture

ur page is so cuteee

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TYSM! I love yours too! ^^

by Angie :); ; Report


MARL33N's profile picture

ur so real for the kissing girls bit in ur general

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it's a daily struggle...

by Angie :); ; Report

i feel u man T^T its hard out here:')

by MARL33N; ; Report

It really is T-T

by Angie :); ; Report

jacob <3

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your status cuz no literally

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Checking who the girl bosses of the day are has become a part of my schedule at this point

by Angie :); ; Report


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my favorite ophelia ever

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one of the coolest people i know!

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˚₊· ͟͟͞͞➳❥Alexa

˚₊· ͟͟͞͞➳❥Alexa's profile picture


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Thank you so much :DD

by Angie :); ; Report

mallow ♡

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thx for the add ! ur layout is very relaxing and u seem to have super good music tastes ⌒☆

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Thanks for adding me back! You have great music taste too and I loved your layout, it's super cute! :))

by Angie :); ; Report

𖤐 Luzuraa!! 𖤐

𖤐 Luzuraa!! 𖤐's profile picture

Oh em gee ur layout iz so cute!! Did u make it??

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Thank you so much!! I wish but I can't code at all.. The base credits should be in my about me and I've added a bunch of other stuff to make it a bit more unique that I've just found in layouts. Such a struggle but so worth it ;-; Thanks for adding me back, loved your profile!! :)))

by Angie :); ; Report

oh wow that turned out so long woops..

by Angie :); ; Report

Oooo that’s kewl! Ofc and tysmm <33

by 𖤐 Luzuraa!! 𖤐; ; Report