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"i am doing my duties as an Archangel of the Heavens!"

i am Archangel 56,780,654! But You can call me Judah.

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we Angels are usually not named in the Sense humans are. We call each other things, but not Names. Only those of Most Importantance are granted with Such a Privilege.

Judah is the Name I've given ourselves, just for You all to refer to us. We will become nameless as soon as our job is done. I Wouldn't wish for any other way.


we Lack a Physical Form. Taking up a Body made Purely of Light. Our interactions with the human Realm is Limited and Few, though many do. Are we made Purely of Light due to our Forms being too Powerful for the human Realm, or too Weak?

do You Believe us to be More Powerful?


to say God is Kind would be an Understatement. to say God Loves You all would be an Understatement. to say God Cares would be an Understatement. to say God is Fair and Just, would be a Perspective View.

we Worship our Lord, Your Lord. we Love and Adore and Admire our God. we Think God is the Textbook Definition of Perfection and Mother of all Creations. But, do You think God was right when he Flooded the Earth and Drowned those in the Waves of Destruction?

id think so, but You dont, do You?


if i had to pick one thing about humans to Study, it would be the Kin.

so Tiny and Squishy. Mindless and Thoughtless, still Desperate to be in the comfort of their Mother. Unaware of the World around them.

so Unlike other Creatures, is it not? they take years to learn what takes those of another species minutes or months to learn.

turtles are born with the goal to get to the ocean. to crawl as fast as they can in the right direction. humans have no such instinct until they are a few months old. then they want to know what everything is!

Angels do no such thing. we are born and created already knowing everything we need. Sometimes, i Mourn.


did You know Apples are very important biblically speaking? though, im sure You all know how it was an Apple thatd made humankind impure. Adam and Eve.. Quite a Classic, is it not?

Most Angels were yet to be Created around that time, at least most of the ones in my Rank. Though, it has been quite the controversy Among Many! im sure You could see why. in the end, we all only want whats best for humanity. it Hurts many so to know that not everyone can be saved due to the mistake of their predecessors.


Goats, despite being viewed by many as Evil due to their Association with he whos name shall not be Spoken, are just another of Gods Works. When God sings with its Creations, will Goats not be apart of the Quire? The answer is yes, yes they will.

my Coworker is Quite Similar, Minus the Association with you know who. their Presence is as Delightful as an Angel can get, though im sure Many find them to be quite Eerie! they can be found Below!

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About me:

Fear Not, Little Ones. Rest Yourselves. Praise be the Heavens My Name is Judah, and i am Here to Help You be free from the Grasps of Sin..! Praise me im the Lord!

i am an Archangel sent down from Above, down from the heavens! the mission i have been set out to do is as unclear to me as it is for You, our dear human. but i am Sure we will figure it out as time goes on. For Now, let me be Your Guide. Tell me Your woes, Tell me Your issues! Let us clear Your Sin Ridden Body so that You may be Pure when Your time for Heaven Arrives.

Who I'd like to meet:

Tumblr-l-337889193796368 d5m3821-7f6dcba4-e5e3-4267-b0dc-01e100b0df84 Tumblr-l-337890819531907 55-by-youmolide-dawaaaw-fullview Tumblr-l-337892768244138 89-by-youmolide-daz0up9-fullview


i am Unsure on if any other religions have their own versions of angels. but i am Sure of which religion i myself, and any other angel i may bring along for the ride, is working under.

this, of course, does not mean that if you are of another religion, you cannot speak to us. we respect amd cherish all versions of humanity from all walks of life. whether you find our God stupid, or you worship it as we do, you are welcome to chat and friend us. we are excited to be able to work so close to all of you!

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You have a cool page!

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Lovely layout and profile, Judah!

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hamburg (randal)

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your layout is so zilly

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Thank You, even Sillier one!

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oh, my, Judah, your workspace is simply adorable! a very charming little layout you've got here, my angel.

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i am doing the little dance we learned humans do when happy! you cannot currently see me, but im sure youd be very pleased with this sight.

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