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typology, photography, reading, anime/manga, fashion, liminal spaces. i don’t consider myself alt but i’m sorta into these subcultures: grunge, gothic lolita, visual kei, mall goth


vkei (dadaroma, malice mizer, existtrace, dir en grey, girugamesh, etc.), cigarettes after sex, crystal castles, the cure, deftones, fiona apple, the garden, lamp, machine girl, molchat doma, nirvana, radiohead, tyler the creator, vocaloid, etc.


howl’s moving castle, spirited away, corpse bride, edward scissorhands, coraline, midsommar, a silent voice, but i’m a cheerleader, fantastic mr. fox, the craft, taxi driver, etc.


soul eater, devilman crybaby, jojo’s bizzare adventure, saiki k, castlevania, haikyuu, evangelion, ergo proxy, jujutsu kaisen, chainsaw man, shiki, castlevania, kimi ni todoke, etc. 


i don’t have specific favourites, but i generally read lots of classics, gothic literature, psychological thrillers, and manga. i esp love junji ito (tomie and uzumaki are my favs), jigokuraku, spy x family, flcl, boys run the riot, berserk, mob psycho 100, and the yazawaverse (paradise kiss, nana, gokinjo monogatari)


some games i like: stardew valley, the world ends with you, animal crossing, jet set radio, undertale, omori, kingdom hearts, touhou, pjsekai, final fantasy, twisted wonderland

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About me:

they/them ✧ 19 y.o. ✧ femme enby ✧ demisexual lesbian ✧ ISFJ 6w5 ✧ pisces ✧ EST

Who I'd like to meet:

i’m just someone who’s here to meet anyone (at least 15+) who have similar interests or just wanna chat. there are some cool ppl here, let’s be friends!

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thanks for the friend request!!! your profile is really cool! :D

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AAA thank you!! yours is cool too, i love the chobits pfp :)

by izzy! ✩ ੈ₊; ; Report


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your page is sooo relaxing i love it <3 can you tell me what the song in the background is ? it gives me beach vibes lolol

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thank you so much <33 the song is called tictac by capsule!!

by izzy! ✩ ੈ₊; ; Report

thank uuuu^_^

by chrry; ; Report

𝙲𝚕𝚊 ゚✧ ┣▇▇▇═─ *:・゚

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OMGG fellow gothic literature enjoyer

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Your page is so cool I love it

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by izzy! ✩ ੈ₊; ; Report


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ty for the add :) love the layouttt

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tysm!! you're super cool ^^

by izzy! ✩ ੈ₊; ; Report


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Ty for the add ^^!! I love ur profile it's so clean and cute!!

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TYSM <333

by izzy! ✩ ੈ₊; ; Report