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"playing the computerr"

im 14 and i’m bisexual and im Half african(angola)/ph GMT 8+

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i love pink it’s so pretty:3 and i know three languages tagalog,English and Little but of portuguese i love old stuff like VHS Tape ,old phones and anything 2000’s  and i like DDLC(Doki doki literature culb) any things Psychologal horror game, BATIM, FNAF and i love creepypasta,SCP,ARG,Lost Media and analog horror and i love video games i have Roblox,minecraft,kinitopet,DDLC,FNAF SL,Bendy and the ink machine

 im still finding a Bf or Gf and im kinda shy to confess




i kinda like 80’s - 90’s-2000,s music it’s Super catchy my favorite is Abba,Kesha, mitski, MJ, bonnie tyler and my favorite music well i have three Bejeweled,Fernando and total eclipse of the heart and i kinda like radiohead,rap music and Games OST


i kinda love horror movies like the sreams,Child play,Final Destination,Fear street (all movie),the thing,the ring, happy Death day and coraline my favorite non horror movies is Spongebob the movie, spirited away, my neighbor totoro,ponyo,Home alone,Home alone new york, and sailor moon enternal


i like hannah   montana ,Amazing world of gumball ,2000’s spongebob , fairy odd parents,hilda,total drama world tour ,Amphibia, the owl house,mlp,Scooby doo, Regular show,girl from nowhere,Star and the forces of evil and Courage the dog, Azumanga Daioh, aventure time, and funny animes 


i like manga it technically a book

like hetalia:World star 

not the eye burning 

the Personfication of Countries one :) i dont ship lol


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About me:

hi guys my snap is andreloupercor i’m andre and i kinda like the 2000’s even thou i Born in April 17 2010

i like to eat,Draw and to have new friends:3 and i like history:) and i love chatting i hope you are my new friend you guys can chat with me  i starting to think that im a Bisexual

Who I'd like to meet:

I love to chat i hope you chat me =)

 i love to meet new friends ^_^

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sweet profile!!!!

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U r a cutie patootie

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HAII!! i <3 ur page and all of the graphics, its like im in heaven

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ur kool. ^_^

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