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Favorite drinks: Coffee, Faygo (favorite flavor: Cotton Candy), Royal Crown Cola (RC), Monster Energy, Angry Orchard, Crown Royal Apple whiskey, Iron Maiden Trooper Beer, and McAlpine Mead Favorite food: Sushi, Ramen, Yakisoba, Shrimp, Sir Fry, steak, tacos (prefer soft shell over crunchy), chicken fajitas, and steaks (rare or medium rare)


Any type of rock, punk, and metal Slashercore or Horrorcore rap depending on the mood and some other rap and little bit of hip hop on the rare side Industrial, Synthwave, Retrowave, 80's synth-pop, JPop (no Kpop) and chiptune


Anime, sy fi, horror, and fantasy movies Horror - Sinister, Clockwork Orange, House of 1,000 Corpses, Devil's Rejects, 3 From Hell, Evil Dead 1 & 2 plus Army of Darkness, Halloween, Thrick or Treat, Puppet Master franchise, Alien, The Blob, The Thing, The Void, Hellfest, Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Deathgasm, Knights of Badassdom, and Repo the Genetic Opera Anime - Akira, Trigun Badlands rumble, Final Fantasy Advent Children, and Resident Evil CGI movies Other movies - Heavy Metal, Tenacious D, This is Spinal Tap, The Crow, Ghost Rider, Spawn, Deadpool 1 & 2, Mortal Kombats, The Dirt, Naked Guns, and Ghostbusters, Battle Angel Alita live action


Horror - Ash vs Evil Dead Anime - Trigun, Lupin the 3rd, Detroit Metal City, Full Metal Alchemist, Android Kikaider, Trinity Blood, Cowboy Bepop, Case Closed, Inuyasha, Yu yu Hakusho, Grantz, Berserk, Hellsing, Castlevania, Death Note, Future Diary, Bleach Doctor Who, Andromeda, Tripping the Rift, and Star Trek Others - Face off, MXC, The Munsters, The Addams Family, Dark Shadows tv series, Metal Evolution, Manswers, Game of Thrones,


Clockwork Orange, Fahrenheit 451, 1984, Dante's Inferno or the Devine Comedy and Devine Tragedy Anything by H.P. Lovecraft, Mary Shelley, George R.R. Martin, Tolkien, Edgar Allen Poe, and Shakespeare Original Grimms Tales


Fictional heros - Ghost Rider, The Crow, Spawn, Eddie (Iron Maiden), Vash The Stampede, Alucard, Kick Ass, The Punisher, Blade, Judge Dredd, and The Constantine Real heros Sir Christopher Lee, Phoenix Jones, Steve Harris of Iron Maiden, Bruce Dickinson, Nikola Tesla, and Abraham Lincoln

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About me:

28 year old bisexual Metal head, Juggalo, Punk, Goth, and Nerd mixed into a huge cluster f*ck hybrid creature of the outcast

Who I'd like to meet:

Iron Maiden, Judas Priest especially Rob Halford, Ace Frehley and Peter Criss, Ozzy Osborne, Gakuto Oshiro, X Japan, Dir En Grey, King Diamond, Tony Iommi, Alice Cooper, Lordi (Finnish Metal Band), Malice Mizer, Septicflesh, Big Hoodoo, Martin David Fry of ABC 80's pop band, Mark and Bob Mothersbaughs, John 5, and Spider 1 of Powerman 5,000

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