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"I'm not good, you're no better."


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Florida State, Chicago Cubs, Chicago Blackhawks, Jacksonville Jaguars, whiskey and PBR in my veins, taxidermy, old books, baked goods, vinyl collector, sweet tea enthusiast, bbq freak on a leash, mid century geek, photo booth stalker, bicycle rider, oddities obsessed, professional sleeper, dog mom, plant nurturer, and Oxford comma lover.


Classic Country, Hardcore Punk, Indie, and whatever is obscure or niche and somehow makes me sound pretentious.


Stand By Me, Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind, Hocus Pocus, Mean Girls, and The Strangers.


The Addams Family, King of The Hill, Seinfeld, The Office, 30 Rock, Arrested Development, Community, Schitt’s Creek, and Daria.


100 Years of Solitude.


Hank Williams Sr., Wednesday Friday Addams, John Darnielle, Henry Rollins, Jason Molina, Milo Aukerman, Sufjan Stevens, Ian MacKaye, and most importantly my mother.

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About me:

Dressed to depress in all black everything.
I live my life without regrets.
Whatever forever.
Que será, será.

Retired scene queen.

I guess we’re all back from the dead now.

Who I'd like to meet:

Dogs, dawgs, and hot dogs.

Open to mourning hangs with:
outlaws, degenerates, and heathens.

Tmail me or whatever.
Let’s be friends, again.

Found my soulmate in Blindsidekidd,
but now you know him as Papa Konz.

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Kody Havoc

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thanks for the add I hope you have a beautiful day ^_^

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You too!!

by anarchy; ; Report

You too!!

by anarchy; ; Report


Alyssa's profile picture

OMG Sufjan Stevens! How could i forget the hundreds of versions of Chicago that i just couldnt stop listening to hahah Thanks for the add :)

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Omg I’ll never get over them! Sufjan’s brain is where I actually want to live. Carrie & Lowell is so incredibly good. I can hardly stand it!

You are so freaking welcome! Excited to make new friends somewhere where people think like me!

by anarchy; ; Report


Ⓙⓐⓜ's profile picture

Thank you! Love meeting people with similar tastes on here (:

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Same! So good to meet new and interesting people.

by anarchy; ; Report

Derek Decapitation

Derek Decapitation 's profile picture

thanks so much for the add! Dig the music taste for sure. "hardcore and classic country" isnt usually said in the same sentence but I love em both as well.

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Awesome! Nice to meet someone with similar music taste!!

by anarchy; ; Report

do you listen to any new country at all? I've been on a HUGE sturgill simpson and hank 3 kick lately.

by Derek Decapitation; ; Report

Oh my goodness! So good. You should reach out to Papa Konz on here. I feel like you two would really hit it off with your music taste. Glad I’m able to meet people with similar musical tastes! Can we please talk about how incredible Tyler Childers is????????

by anarchy; ; Report

I fell in LOVE with tyler childers music when country squire came out because I live in a trailer park squire. lmao

by Derek Decapitation; ; Report

Okay that’s so perfect!!!!

by anarchy; ; Report

I just hope this trend of making real country music keeps on going.

by Derek Decapitation; ; Report

Oh my goodness yes! That would be so good. Maybe then I wouldn’t have to listen to country rap? Or pop country. Yuck.

by anarchy; ; Report

Jeff Madden

Jeff Madden's profile picture

Thanks for the acceptance! Hail Metal!!! 'n''n'

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You’re welcome!

by anarchy; ; Report

Ben // CatchyTwentyTwo

Ben // CatchyTwentyTwo's profile picture

hey thanks for the add :) that's a cool diverse music taste there!

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The pretentious part?


On a serious note, that’s crazy cool set of playlists you’ve got there!

by anarchy; ; Report

hahaha yeah that part rocks too!
Thanks so much, so glad you like the selection.
Do you have any new big fave tunes / bands lately?

by Ben // CatchyTwentyTwo ; ; Report

Omg! Ruston Kelly has been on REPEAT the entirety of 2020 it’s disgusting how obsessed I am! Have you heard him?

by anarchy; ; Report

hahaha nope, but looks like I'm gonna have to check them out!

by Ben // CatchyTwentyTwo ; ; Report

Dominique Faye

Dominique Faye 's profile picture

Hey thanks for the add! I'm originally from Chicago and I love he Blackhawks! I went to see the Cubs world series

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OMG yes girlll!!

Instant connection!

by anarchy; ; Report

Yes 💖💖 I followed you on IG too

by Dominique Faye; ; Report

omg new friend so excited!!!

by anarchy; ; Report

💜🪦 Ada 🔮💘

💜🪦 Ada 🔮💘's profile picture

Thank you for the add

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Oh of course!

I’m obsessed with scythes, so I had to add!

by anarchy; ; Report

Anya Vixx

Anya Vixx's profile picture

Awh look at this cutie fellow foxxo :3

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nice to make a new friend!!!

by anarchy; ; Report


CITYLIGHTS🎔's profile picture

Thanks for the add how are you

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I’m great!

This is so so fun!

Can’t believe this is back!

by anarchy; ; Report

Welcome to space hey if you ever need anything let me know

by CITYLIGHTS🎔; ; Report

Thank you

I’m so happy to be here with new friends!

by anarchy; ; Report


Lolly's profile picture

I wore house slippers to the club and you were there with me.
An incredible moment in time.

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by anarchy; ; Report


Lolly's profile picture


welcome omg

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by anarchy; ; Report