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My Bookshelf — Goodreads
★ Materialism and the Dialectical Method — M Cornforth
★ Historical Materialism — M Cornforth
★ The Theory of Knowledge — M Cornforth
★ Textbook of Marxist Philosophy — M Shirokov et al.
★ Dialectical and Historical Materialism — JV Stalin
★ Foundations of Leninism — JV Stalin
★ Marxism and the National Question — JV Stalin
★ Anarchism or Socialism — JV Stalin
★ What is to be Done — VI Lenin
★ Left Wing Communism an Infantile Disorder — VI Lenin
★ The State and Revolution — VI Lenin
★ Imperialism the Highest Stage of Capitalism — VI Lenin
★ Socialism Utopian and Scientific — F Engels
★ Origin of the Family Private Property and State — F Engels
★ Custom Reality and You — P Coffin
★ Cancel Culture — P Coffin
★ Less Sucks — P Coffin
★ Woke Ouroboros — P Coffin
★ The Society of the Spectacle — G Debord
★ The Governance of China — Xi Xinping
★ Against Empire — M Parenti
★ Black Shirts & Reds — M Parenti


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Someone. Blog written so seriously it's also a light parody of myself. will only ever see a small piece of a person online. Even if one could place their whole being into the online space, by that time they will have changed and it will be impossible to maintain a current appearance of the self. Therefore, why not select the pieces with purpose for ease of maintenance? Here's the side of me with way too much reading and writing.

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I think I figured out what this section is for! You're supposed to put down what types of people you want to meet on this social network site? uhhhh....

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