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"zug zug"

I'm a programmer from Italy

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Programming, reading, talking


Almost anything


Hackers (1995)


The Expanse
Recently watched "The Queen's Gambit" and really enjoyed it, highly recommend it (thank you to Suresh for originally suggesting it)


Lord of the Flies
Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance
Les Miserables


Walter Mitty


I have two dogs, Chicca and Eevee



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About me:


Hello World

I am a member of Mohst Studio, a creative ensemble currently operating out of Porto Sant'Elpidio in Italy.

If you need help with any sort of creative or strategic work when it comes to marketing, get in touch!

Who I'd like to meet:

People excited about tomorrow! You know who you are, so just get in touch!

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Super cool profile!

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monotony β™‘β—”α΄—β—”β™‘

monotony β™‘β—”α΄—β—”β™‘'s profile picture

thanks for the add! very cool layout my friend

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Prey was written 20 years ago so I think there have been advances in the study since then but I think he was talking about chimpanzees and dolphins. Now there are mice, robots and I guess even a fish scientists are pondering self awareness about. The main consideration of being self aware is can you separate basically your imagination from memory and make a decision for self preservation. But some of the studies consider recognizing yourself in a mirror and if there is a change in your appearance to qualify. I am still reading this one and I am sure that he will reveal more in the coming chapters. It’s pretty good so far.

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Dude! Love your profile. Takes me back to peak MySpace!

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Thanks! Yeah it takes forever to load because of the custom font and it's easy to miss... need to find a way to fix that.

Funny how I'm doing things in my profile that I would never do on a "real" website, like using externally loaded custom fonts, but I guess that's the whole point of this place :)

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How do you feel today?

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that's real nice of you to say. thanks!


more profile interest rows?? alex is the innovator!!!

now i gotta go do that haha

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lovely hat

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Christopher Elison

Christopher Elison's profile picture

Thanks for the add :)

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Festive hat!

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loving the 3d effect of your background

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Greg "X" Willis

Greg "X" Willis's profile picture

Somewhat copied pasta from my response to MrZool:

I'm just apprehensive about that "instant" gratification model of a like or similar concept. Something that gives our decisions (Kudos) weight like a premium/weekly minimum as mentioned may be the best route. I find open dialogue more effective in the long run compared to a like or kudos, otherwise, we wouldn't have a discussion of this nature if it was just tied to a thumbs up. Of course, not everyone is civil in their discussions on the internet. XD

To give a bit more context, I think of Spacehey as an entertainment platform more than a serious "social media" thing, but the nature of "social media" has been all about instant gratification on a mainstream level than anything else. Each one has it's pros and cons, but at the end of the day if we're just slightly modifying the "instant gratification" model compared to the next guy where is the progress?

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Hi Alex! Thank you so much for the help with the HTML linking :) the resource you gave me is awesome. Hope you have a great day!

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Thank you for your interest in my post's smoke puff.

On retrospect I found it not up to this bloke's snuff.

I have more surely planned,

of a quality not to be panned.

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The Pyrrhic Llama

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thanks for the add! I love your page, it's everything I ever imagined this site could be.

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Thanks for the add! I skimmed through your blog post about why this is a more proactive platform and it was really interesting

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Thank you for adding. The first thing I think when I see your profile: Shooting Stars and all those memes. Very nice!

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Thanks for the add! Love the background effect, feels like I'm traveling through space.

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''Too blessed to be stressed'' ;)

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 ✧*゚ο½₯゚q.γƒŸβ˜†βœ§5K5K5K5000✧'s profile picture

It worked on the 1st try surprisingly, goodlook Alex Ill be checking it w/ you bro

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