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- Tetris (more Modern instead of Classic)

- Music creation, archiving, listening, soundtrack composing...

- Art, especially if it's doing something you don't see many other places

- Language learning (Japanese is the current obsession, français was my last one)

- Memory, mnemonics


(Of general artists) The Strokes, Red Vox, Radiohead, Eminem, Tally Hall, Black Midi, Rare Americans, Pile, Master Boot Record, QOTSA, Powerwolf, MCR, Muse, Death Grips, Duran Duran, Kasson, Sin Shake Sin, ExileLord

(Of OSTs) FTL, Deus Ex: HR and MD, Cloudpunk, Furi, God Hand, Patapon 1-3, FFXIV...look, just look through my stuff on Soulseek (Aethena), because I'm almost always listening to and organizing music


Usually whatever friends want to watch, music takes up too much of my time


See: Movies


Only one recommendation: The Memory Police. Go in blind if possible, and bonus points if you're able to read the untranslated Japanese version, a personal goal of mine


Those that have my back and stick with me through the worst of it, that are still there after the dust settles.

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About me:

20something, Furry (Moth Dragon), she/whatever, Data "Archivist" (Hoarder, Music & Game OSTs), Aspiring Tetris Pro. I also make art sometimes occasionally maybe, and wish I could make music. Never bored, but I feel like I'm boring, while being the most interesting person I've ever known.

I also run a music and general me-interests blog, comments on it are always appreciated, as I put a lot of energy into them. I'd like to just make a little corner of spacehey where people can unwind and enjoy music, art, and life. Something that stands out in how neutral and calm it can be, with hints of introspection. Something that just couldn't exist anywhere else.


Who I'd like to meet:

I have absolutely no idea. I enjoy the company of most furries, but I've given up on expectations of who I'll meet in life, and what I'll learn by knowing them.

Discord: _aethena

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So to everyone seeing this account here, this one right here. Let me tell you a story. So once there was this one Walmart yeah ? So we go to this Walmart and we walk in, and we were trying to go about browsing the place, you know, trying to spend a day casually and so were killing time in the isles right ? And people for the life of them could not stop staring at this pillar moth standing there besides me. So she looks at them back right ? And they just BOOK IT out of there, like SCREAMING. They start tripping over and mind you we were like, in the kitchen supplies area. So this one staff lady comes and asks us to leave, and in a fit of rage this one starts TORCHING the place starting from our isle. So like, everything was on fire and the lady started running, but she slips and crashes into the kitchen supplies isle, and right above her was an electric coffee kettle that just comes down and almost knocks her out. Now thankfully she wasn't hurt by this burning appliance but she goes out screaming. So I go over to the kettle and she stares at me curious. So she comes up and asks me "what'cha staring at" to which I'm all like "that's an awefully hot coffee pot". So she stares and asks "did it drop upon her head?" And I just respond "probably not". We ended up leaving the store before anyone from law enforcement arrived and hours later the whole thing is ashes. 10/10. Would do it again !

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