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Moths, Bugbo, For mother matron, Distant sky, Horror, Cats, Undertale, Deltarune,


S3RL, 6arelyhuman, Hateoryx, Vampyx, NANORAY, Malice Mizer, MEJIBRAY, Gulu gulu, XAAXAA, Candye Syrup, Jazmin Bean, Avril Lavigne, Violent Vira, Strawberry switchblade


Friday the 13th, Invader Zim: Enter the florpus, Mean Girls, The ring, Fight club, Scott Pilgrim vs the world


Girl from nowhere, All of us are dead, Lego Ninjago, Soul eater, Good morning call, Invader Zim, My little pony, Serial experiments Lain, Monster high, Lucky star


I'm not scared!, Distant Sky, Homestuck, (Ik know those 3 are webcomics but idk where else to put them-) The teeth of the world are sharp


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About me:

HAIIII!!!! I'm Cicil (you can also call me Acherontia or Lain!!) I'm aroace spec and agender X3 I might change the layout againnn idk- :p Feel free to add or message me! ^_^ I use emoticons ALOTTTT My time zone is mst/gmt (mountain standard time) Intj-t :3 Note: I do have social anxiety and I don't understand social ques very well so I'm sorry if I come off as awkward!! Also if I make you upset or uncomfy or anything like that make sure to communicate it to me! You might have to remind me because I don't really retain information very welll :<

Who I'd like to meet:

People with similar interests! :3

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This is a cool profile!

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Awee thank you!! :3

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