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"{"go kitty go, just ride kitty ride kitty roll!"}"

they/them, she/her [proud homosapien - infj-t :)]

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- anime (nge, hxh, bsd, saiki k, ohshc, jjk, dn, haikyuu, bna, sailor moon, nd mores!) :) - omori!! (play it grgrgrgr) - drawing, pretty bad at it tho :skull: - danganronpa -pjsk!! - BLAHAJ ahdahsbdhabfha


here wwe gooo!!: [ mitski, tally hall, lemon demon, bo en, kikuo, maretu, commander commander, laufey, mac demarco, c418, alex g, penelope scott, pinkpantheress, marina, toby fox, sodikken, jack stauber, wowaka, tame impala, bo burnham, lamp, bΓ΄a, crystal castles, pepoyo, mother mother, eyedress, girl in red, tv girl-.. cant remember more atm :,) (js bc I like the songs dosent mean I support the artist, idunno if there are any toxic ones??) ]



[ bsd - saiki k - tbhk!! - ohshc - hxh - death note - little witch academia - neon genesis evangalion!!!!!! <3 - romantic killer - I cant remember more :( ]


[ dont read much, but warrior cats ig! ] anyways, look, a rat!! (jk)

little sh!t
Name: little sh!t


my kitte I love her more than life itself <33333 my rl friends too I love them sm but why they so goofy :sob: anyways guys look a rat!! (jk I love sylveon)

little sh!t
Name: little sh!t

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cat kittycat
[ ahoi! im js a silly chaotic teen that exists 𓆝 π“†Ÿ π“†ž 𓆝 π“†Ÿ]

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[ 13- 16 pls, not any older !] cutecore folks, grunge, emo, coquette.. idrc!, as long as ur nice!! :) vry sorry if I come across as cringe!! just dont interact if you dont like how I type n stuffs pls!! jdbfhsb dont be afraid to send a friend request! <.3 here r some stamps!!(wip!)

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