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"i hate red and blue characters... /nsrs"

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art (mainly digital but i do dabble into painting), playing games, spending all my time on the internet and editing!!!

list of fandoms!!!
eddsworld, homestuck, invader zim, undertale/deltarune, regretevator, scott pilgrim, vocaloid (mostly just miku), SAW, dead plate, elevator hitch, cold front, south park, bugbo, amphibia, fnaf, mcyt (not dsmp or qsmp), sally face, law of talos, cry of fear, marble hornets, everymanHYBRID, tribe twelve, creepypasta, danganronpa, drdt, saiki k, bfb/bfdi, inanimate insanity, hfjone, kinitopet, gasa4AM, ddlc, yandere simulator (i dont support yan dev) (more will be added, i think...)
list of games I play!!!
roblox (mostly regretevator and work at a pizza place), minecraft, genshin impact (i love gambling!!! /j), ddlc, cry of fear, the sims 4, slime rancher, castle crashers, yandere simulator, danganronpa (they took it off of xbox gamepass :[ )


indie, rock, alternative, electronic, uhhh i kinda ran out of genres but i like stuff thats loud and sad sometimes i guess??????

list of bands!!!
MSI, alec g, mitski, will wood, lemon demon, tally hall, destroy boys, S3RL, millionaires, ayesha erotica, mcr, devi mccallion, they might be giants, MARETU, glass animals (pork soda anyone???), mother mother, tv girl, tyler the creator, rebzyyx, sodikken, IC3PEAK, rio romeo, chonny jash, talkshow boy, sir chloe, weezer, radiohead, car seat headrest, ROAR, ICP, she wants revenge, ewy


i LOVE horror movies but HATE jumpscares sm!!!!! so like i mostly just watch that but sometimes i can settle for non-horror movies... >_>

list of movies!!!
IT (2017), the gold finch, the black phone, scream (mainly the first one), the fnaf movie (i saw it in theaters!!!), SAW (mainly the first one again...), scoot pilgrim movie, uhhh i forgot


i mostly just watch cartoons that are for a WAY younger audience but i DO watch some live action shows!!! (what a surprise!!!!) also some yt channels i like!!!!

list of shows!!!
amphibia (rewatching it rn!!!), the owl house, voltron (the recent one lmao), invader zim, henry danger... (DONT JUDGE ME), miraculous ladybug, assassination classroom, stranger things, the umbrella academy (GERARD WAY OUR SAVIOR), gravity falls, erm i forgot again (i swear i watched a lot more)
list of yt channels!!!
flamingo, ashswag, blameitonjorge, danny gonzalez, drew gooden, funkyfrogbait, isaacwhy (and the whole group chat), izzzyzzz, jack manifold, kubz scouts, kwite, LDshadowlady, nick crowley, polarcub, polygon donut, prince zam, shaiivalley, slimecicle, squiddo, tuv, and many more 😎


uhhhh i dont read books... the closest thing to a book i read (and liked) was homestuck


hatsune miku will save us all

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u r officially my best friend !!! X3

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no UR officially my best friend!!! >:3

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