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19yo student from Germany who loves to code

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Coding, Reading, photography/videography, playing E-Guitar, having fun!


Mostly Pop Music from the Charts, but also some 80s, & 90s.
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Matrix, Back To The Future, ...


E MrRobotgreat show!


Bodyguard and so many more... I'm reading A LOT :P



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I'm An, the creator of this site! :)

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You! :D

(and Rick Astley of course)

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Ardent Melody

Ardent Melody's profile picture

As an millennial who was on myspace in the old days, I am having big nostalgia here, thanks for that!

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Paisley's profile picture

:) thanks for making this!

Add me, I need more penpals

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dreaming in progress

dreaming in progress's profile picture

As a former original MS user, I can't thank you enough for creating this once again actual safe space for me and all to create and thrive and exist. This is what social media was supposed to be. Peace to you my friend.

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Jim Cook Jr.

Jim Cook Jr.'s profile picture

Hands down the best social network around these days. I no longer miss the old days of social media; happy days are here again!

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Nika ʚ✟⃛ɞ

Nika ʚ✟⃛ɞ's profile picture

Hey An!
Thank you for creating this app and letting us all experience the old days of social networking again! 🖤 Greetings from a fellow German~!!

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I mean site of course, not app...

by Nika ʚ✟⃛ɞ; ; Report


Pursacat's profile picture

I am SO happy this exists! I have missed myspace so much. I will try to bring more peoppe here

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Corbin's profile picture

Imagine if this blows up…I will be using it ironically until it is cool enough to say you use it ;)

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I hope it gets big but not to the point where it becomes toxic like facebook, Instagram and other socials and starts taking away people’s privacy etc...

by 𝓕 𝓻 𝓪 𝓷 𝓴; ; Report


Pam's profile picture

My friends and I are going to use this ironically. However, I am lowkey rooting for you to overthrow the big mean Facebook.

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I completely agree! I feel we did Tom dirty and this is how we fix that

by Pursacat; ; Report

kaylee ♡

kaylee ♡'s profile picture

I love this site but most people are very inactive and not on here as much anymore ): I hope people come back!

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Ill be using it i guess

by loli_roller; ; Report

I feel the same I wish more people would get on.

by Hannah; ; Report

Giko (ギコ)

Giko (ギコ)'s profile picture

Thanks for all this, new gen, same past :3

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urban's profile picture

Hey An thanks for making a social media platform simular to myspace :)

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Rob's profile picture

Hey An, thanks for doing this. I loved MySpace when I was in college and it’s so great to have a similar experience now. Cheers!

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Hasan Shirazi

Hasan Shirazi's profile picture

Im using its app too

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GamingGrampz's profile picture

This is very cool!

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John Paul

John Paul's profile picture

super close to 150k!! cheers

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The site has already passed 150,000 it’s at 155,000 right now almost 156,000

by 𝓕 𝓻 𝓪 𝓷 𝓴; ; Report

Hasan Shirazi

Hasan Shirazi's profile picture

Two thumbs up for this lovely social network.

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rai's profile picture

Project migrate to spacehey! Add me if you think we should start this movement!

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rai's profile picture

Let's get all Facebook users to spacehey!

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~Yaya Cat~

~Yaya Cat~'s profile picture

Wow. Almost 150k! Congrats

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Hasan Shirazi

Hasan Shirazi's profile picture

Also add newsfeed too.

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Yes please :)

by Nika ʚ✟⃛ɞ; ; Report