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VA 4teen♀ and future rockstar

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I am 11% loser. What about you? Click here to find out! i luv skating, watching jackass, playing guitar hero, and collecting cds and dvds 160


KORN + CKY+ BLOODHOUND GANG!!! metallica, megadeth,motley crue, KISS, limp bizkit, slipknot, pantera, alice in chains, deftones, duran duran, aphex twin, johnny cash, misfits, pixies, nirvana, billy idol, beastie boys, the cure, the smiths, the clash, black sabbath, dire straits, green day, guns n roses, van halen, iron maiden, slayer, foo fighters, cheap trick, led zeppelin, the doors, linkin park, pearl jam, descendents 2d6f0fa20af310d22f024d32e43de9364c841956 a80ee90e3ed3ff958d59c6e90c0eaefe


jackass, cky, the dirt, haggard, juno, napoleon dynamite, ferris bueller’s day off, mallratz, thirteen, superbad, mid90s, mean girls, sleepover, white chicks, eurotrip, donnie darko, jay and silent bob, school of rock, freaky friday, hot tub time machine, stepbrothers, back to the future, breakfast club, iron claw, grown ups, vacation (1983), not another teen movie, forgetting sarah marshall, get him to the greek, metal lords, lords of chaos, ted, action park, the hot chick 1f8c9bc213b286f01f5aafda47e2a19d


jackass, viva la bam, jersey shore, family guy, south park, pam & tommy, metalocalypse giphy


rockstar books there r too many


jackass+cky guys, metallica, megadeth, evel knievel, pamela anderson, johnny cash, mötley crüe, tony hawk, eddie vedder, KISS, joan jett, lita ford 006766367081bc57aa9e2bea03ff88db

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rock-addict Funny blinkies Funny blinkies mtndew mountain-dew 1d79d081b8c61830ed86982ae86a6c2ba1a60c04 korn2 bb6718e9 futurerockstar 2433278-cf6c5 akzkon xtc4sm j0wfp2 aogbxz 1885524ywi7ha2qjr tumblr-a86fc08a9bcd0728f99874cce0a9f230-da5cbcdf-400 tumblr-4f7ab0c9fe3b542ca4d9aba06f4c09f0-083962b1-400 tumblr-d8ffbd2b7590a1a1f81af0dfe8250769-908668a7-400 electric-guitar-player-by-userbars-dhkqza-fullview 682306z25fuergex d4yq3g8-3d3185c6-4954-459a-9fbd-d6066d1ca23a d1cwtfy-1d537a97-2e70-4e0f-b623-e2e6913d0749 tumblr-66731994e5d3dd2d73485cfb195b7cf0-9283b229-100 d22hsk9-532da58d-50f7-4a83-9f67-fda4c71c3dd9 d167q5s-fdee1efc-536b-4a8c-b4c4-800641fa6417 d120qjh-36cd6c7e-6055-4cdc-b08f-84b2b1acc72d stamp-doggiepepsi d18kiov-cce78da7-903f-4ee0-8161-0d179cc6bb2f 11 29576flqh5u2xtc
274634kn3r2u8lg4 1387579tjf7lvfak2 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I love jackass ~ I use aol and my email is ~ i cant decide between my 2 personalities ~ add my xbox360 account: charky3692 ~ pls add/IM me! i accept all requests ~ u can call me char


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Lusine // Լուսինե

Lusine // Լուսինե's profile picture

hey hey hey thanks for the add

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by cky2k; ; Report

you seem really cool and i appreciate a fellow cd enjoyer !!

by Lusine // Լուսինե; ; Report

thx!!!! ur profile is super sick!!! cd enjoyer 4 life

by cky2k; ; Report


fifi!'s profile picture

I LOVE YOUR PROFILE SMM and limp bizkit is the best

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by cky2k; ; Report


by fifi!; ; Report


fenns09_'s profile picture

omg ur so cool like marry me

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im getting down on one knee

by cky2k; ; Report

better be

by fenns09_; ; Report


𝕰𝖑𝖞𝖛𝖎𝖆's profile picture

Daaamn ur profile is so cool

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by cky2k; ; Report


kenz!'s profile picture

we have the exact same interests i think we should kiss rn (joking) ((unless..))

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noo of course not haha (unless)

by cky2k; ; Report

im leaning in

by kenz!; ; Report

hehehe giggle giggle giggle blush

by cky2k; ; Report

no seriously tho i think we are the only living people to like limp bizkit, beastie boys, and cky.

by kenz!; ; Report

no ur so rite bc im going to a cky concert in like a couple months and im wondering whos actually even gonna be there except 4 like a few 40 year old men

by cky2k; ; Report

all of the jackass crew comes out as a special guest (id lowkey cream my jorts)

by kenz!; ; Report

id seriously faint and then they would all catch me and ask me if im alright and then bring me to the jackass lair where they all live (true story)

by cky2k; ; Report

imagining wee man living in like a cave is my favorite thing ever

by kenz!; ; Report


by cky2k; ; Report