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i said this earlier lol but i like disco, superheroes and villains, music and my friends!!!!!!!! i also like 2 dance im not good at it though XD LOLOLOLOLOLOL i also need a gf (or bf i dont judge) ...... preferably one who is nice 2 me and is not a drama queen like my first ex ;_; .......... (if hes reading this rn FLIP YOU!!!!!!!! #savage)


any song that is disco!!! i rlly like ring my bell by anita ward, my first my last my everything by barry white, your love is cancelled by chic, you make me feel mighty real by sylvester, i feel love by donna summer, like any song from boney m and and tragedy by the bee gees!!! i feel like dancing rn!!!!! *dances* LOLOLOLOLOLOL yeah B) do NOT play normie music .... backstreet boy fangirls will be BLOCKED!!!!!!!!! (unless ur aya ... then i love you bff lol XD ur music taste is still trash though)


anything superhero or disco related ..... yea ...... not much material there :\\\\ DO BETTER FILM INDUSTRY!!!!!!!!! i swear i could make better movies with MAH FLIPPIN J-PHONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! B) *making my epic face*


i dont watch a lot o tv........ i do like playin game shows with my mom!!!!!!! my dad on the other hand ...... hes crazy and angry all the time XD cant win with THAT guy *rolls eyes*


COMICS!!! I LOVE COMICS!!!!!!! i love all comics and i think dc and marvel fans should be friends! not enemies!!!!! #MAKE LOVE NOT WAR #NO DRAMA!!!!! my dad forces me to read "real books" like the SLEEPventures of tom YAWNer (see wat i did there XD) ........ LAME LOLOLOLOLOLOL


my mom n her sibling :) DUH... my dad is p smart too even though hes boring and angry all the time *rolls eyes* my friends r my heroes too becuz we all survived school XD #DOWN WITH SCHOOL!!! RA AG and MK I LOVE YOU BFFS LOLOLOLOLOL XD I LOVE BEIN CRAZY TOGETHER!!!!!!!!! I ALSO LIKE THE SCARLET WITCH!!!!!!!! she is so pretty and cool..........

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hiiiii B) im daisuke but you can call me daigo/daisuke daigo/disco fever/disco inferno/lord disco/disco lord/disco ball master/disco daigo/daisuke of the disco (MORE NAMES TO COME I AM STILL THINKING ABOUT THEM) when i grow up i wanna be like my mom n her sibling!!! i have my powers from them and they taught me the way of the disco so i love them lots lol xx. i am bi (be who you are and love who you love lol :P), i am 17 and i go to the japanese academy for the gifted XD i hate it there lololol i also dislike bullies and rude people so this page is not for you if you are rude or a bully! i also hate celery YUCK!!! On the other hand i like disco, superheroes n villains n stuff, music and my friends lol I LOVE YOU ALL!!! anywayssss thats enough from me i think BYE PERSON READING THIS :PPP I LOVE YOU XX ALSO PLEASE CHECK MY PAGE I MIGHT CHANGE STUFF BC IM A WEIRDO LOLOLOL XDDD OKAY BYE jk i just wanted to say that "a smile is the best remedy" so always smile B))) you are so cool reader person bro..... OKAY BYEEEEWWYWYWYWYWY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE YOU AGAIN LOL *hugs u*

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i'd love to meet my mom's sibling n their friends!!!!! i heard that they were all superheroes......... soooooo cooooooooooolllllll B))))))) i would also like 2 meet all disco icons becuz their music is rlly epic XD also also this is not a person but i would love to have an aibo dog. please some1 get me 1!!!!!!!!!! im broke as flip .... LOL XD

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ue seem awesome i love ur entheusiasm!!

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