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My top interest is definitely anime and manga. Tbh anything from Japan. (*≧∀≦*) Of course I like all styles of fashion especially styles deprived from Harajuku. Like visual kei, lolita and decroa. My favourite game genre is rhythm games. ( ͒•·̫| I play 3 games daily and have 12 downloaded.


I move around my likes for music genre but I always love to listen to rock, metal, nu-metal and jpop! I have a cd player and have 3 albums of my favourite band TwentyØne Pilots. TOP for short (: I know it's a little bit cringe to listen to them now but they helped me go through so much! i absolutely love them! I also have 3 band ocs which I draw sometimes. They are emo, goth and visual kei inspired.


In terms of movies, I barely watch any.(/_\)However my favourite movie is the Blue Exorcist movie? Ahahaha. Go Blue Exorcist fandom GO! season three for life! We(I) will never stop!


Television who? I only watch anime. ԅ(‾⌣‾ԅ) My top three anime and manga are Blue exorcist, Chainsaw man and uh... uh.. I like too many 。゚(゚∩´﹏`∩゚)゚。 I can't pick! But I am currently watching Rising of the shield hero season 2! And I love it so far. Definitely up there for me so far. In terms of non-anime, I do recommend: The Makanai: Cooking for the Maiko House live action. Its so sweet and makes you feel calm and satisfied.


At no surprise, Blue Exorcist and Chainsaw man!!! I love manga and these two manga draw me in so well. I love how emotionally real the characters feel in blue exorcist. It just gets better and better! ╰(▔∀▔)╯And is soooo much better than the anime, in my opinion. (:< With chainsaw man, I have reread it several times and I'm slowly collecting the fire punch manga. What can I say Fujimoto is a legend at writing manga. I'm so glad he has more space and time to create part 2 of chainsaw man. You can see it in his beautiful art style! I also like fluffy manga. The type you sit back, read and slowly melt into your chair. Giggling at how happy you feel. A large contrast compared to Chainsaw man and Blue Exorcist. (;´∀`)


I wouldn't say I have any heroes but in terms of people I respect I have quite a few! At number one my BFF! He will always have a strong part of my heart even though he acts like such an annoying brother from another mother. (◣_◢) Talking about siblings I also respect my actual sister. Technically half but never half the love. She always looks for the best for me and her family is a laugh. (⁀ᗢ⁀) And I will always respect my friends. I always think of them and hope the best! Recently Lady Gaga has been a huge inspiration for me. She never lets people from stopping her for being herself. Even if she is considered weird! Just like me baby! Been called weird since day one. And of course I have to mention them again but TwentyØne Pilots!

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About me:

(〃´∀`) I'm Allegra. Any pronouns, female and an annoying lesbian. I'm 18 and I am hugely into emo, goth and gyaru styles! I'm learning Japanese atm so I hope to speak some here. I'm also a massive anime and manga nerd. I started anime before it was popular. (¬、¬) I swear! I change fashion styles 24 7, I'm almost a shapeshifter at this point. (: If you ever see me I'm probably playing a rhythm game. Hope to meet you again. (´∀`)♡ @21crazyminds - Instagram (:

Who I'd like to meet:

Anyone! People with my interests that are living in Japan or New Zealand!

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