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Just a silly guy :P

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2000s styles, Invader Zim, and art

Games that were popular from 2015-2020 including Minecraft, Little Misfortune, Sally Face, FNaF, Little Nightmares, DDLC, etc

I currently play Roblox, Pokemon Go, Sims, DDLC, and gacha >_<  

Sally Face GIF - Sally Face - Discover & Share GIFs ashley


Any but mainly rock, pop, metal, and anything that can be seen as unsettling

Bands/singers: Mcr, ICP, Sodikken, Melanie Martinez, Bo Burnham, Addison Grace(not Rae!! >:[), Sanitys Fall, Madilyn Mei, OMFG!!


Mlp, Krampus, Raggity Ann and Andy; A Musical Adventure, Barbie, Invader Zim, etc!!


Mlp, Invader Zim, Mandela Catalog, MLP.mov, Hazbin Hotel, Over The Garden Wall, etc.

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I don’t read much lolz but The Outsiders, Bendy/batim books, and the mlp comics are pretty good :P

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With superheros, Deadpool, but my parents and Markipler would be at the top of the list!! XD

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About me:

Hai, my name is Zombz!! <}:]

5teen lolz. Birthday on Oct 1 :P

I am a otherkin+therian :3

I’m an omnist (believe in all religions) and I’m chill with any religions!!

Pronouns: They/them, he/him, it/its, neos+xenos ^_^


I do swear a lot and jokingly flirt with people in Spanish. I rarely take things seriously lolz XD

I rarely msg first unless I wanna compliment smt or whatev :P

I can be awkward or dry when texting, sry -_-

I am biromantic (pref women) and aroace!! ٩(ᐛ)و

Dni: homophobic ppl, transphobic ppl, racist ppl, ppl who ship/like problematic things/ppl, xenogender/xeopronoun antis, neopronoun antis, assholes, and just rude ppl in general :P

Interests: Mlp, creepypasta, fnaf, Gloomy Bear, Markiplier, horror, zombies, ghosts, space, pony.mov, invader zim, eddievr, Sally Face, Little Misfortune, Sims, DDLC, roblox, science, and the color green or red lolz X3

CLICK NOW!! I7SMs33 UVcSUqZ     
Creepypasta - Jeff the Killer - Stamp A badly drawn E blinkie that ElliNet13 made. https://spacehey.com/ellinet13 F3-FB3490-6994-44-A1-AFEA-2200-D366803-F EFE5-FD82-5-E0-E-4-E7-E-8-C19-8-BD60-B19-B8-D8

Who I'd like to meet:

I’d like to friend anybody who is not an asshole!! ..or Markiplier ^_^


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Da pookies!!

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hi hi :3

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ur so silly pookie!!!!!!!!!!!

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Thank you, my child <3

by Z𖤐𝕞ᵇ𝔦€; ; Report

wybie :3

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ahhh!! ur acc is so cool i luv ur sallyface blinkies/stamps ^v^

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tyzm for the add back !! :DD i luv ur layout !!

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thanks for adding, ur cool

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Thx for the add!! Love your profile

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