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"sucking on a rock (like a actual rock, tiny rock)"

POC. she/?her?, homeschooled, minor

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Mood: My dad told me he listened to Korn and SOAD 😨

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rock, emo, nu metal, funk metal, rap metal, alternative metal, heavy metal and screamo music! slipknot, ptv, limpbizkit, korn, soadinvader zim, heartstopper, fnaf, melanie martinez, minecraft, horror games, Poppy Playtime. I absolutely LOVE fnaf and the vhs tapes ARE THE BEST ISTG,


Bands: Pierce The Veil, Slipknot, Korn, System Of A Down, Deftones, Limp Bizkit, Sleeping With Sirens Artists: Johnnie Guilbert, Jake Webber Albums: A Flair For The Dramatic, Collide With The Sky, Selfish Machines, Misdventures, The Jaws Of Life Songs: Every song from each list <3


Nightmare on Christmas!


Heartstopper, The Amazing World of Gumball! Everybody Hates Chris!


I dont read many books but i love The Sliver Eyes by Scott Cawthon!


Melanie Martinez, PTV, Johnnie Guilbert <3

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About me:

Hii! My name means blue in spanish so you can call me blue! I am a late emo, i just turned emo in January or years ago... if you have any emo bands or artists that you recommend you can tell me!! I am not allowed to have this but whatever! if you need someone to talk to, im here!! if you interact with me, my heart WOULD drop. not in a bad way!! i just have bad anxiety, im not ignoring you <3 sometimes i dont put full sentences not on purpose just i say words in my head and then i forget to put them in the sentence!! 5/3/xx. i say im emo BUT i was a scene kid back then but i didn't have the clothes for it. i did listen to the music tho! (sxting-botdf). i listen to scene and emo music. she/?her? POC. I know i use she/her, but i put `her` as `?her? 'because, i dont like using `her` as my prns, i feel like i should put `she/they` instead, incase i change my mind, please use `she/her`! I am a MINOR, please do not ask me for explicit pictures, someone asked for those. DNI if you are over the age of 15. Or support, homophobes, sexists, rapists, racists, abusers anything of the above. etc. Silly Playlist

Who I'd like to meet:

johnnie guilbert, melanie martinez, jake webber, tarayummy, yung scuff, normaly people who match my interests! and every member of pierce the veil!

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