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transmasc ( he/him), i'm spanish. minor...

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i love drawing and making crafts and also yapping about stuff i like!1!! :P love horror games, movies and animes, analog horror, weird mysteries, fnaf, undertale and delaturne, the stanely parable, dialtown, karmaland, creepypastas, ranfren, mlp, pjsk, deadplate, the walten files, psychology stuff, sally face, serial experiments lain, yostuba, evangelion, clowns, corpse party, danganronpa, vocaloid, regretevator, yansim ( i do NOT support yanderedev!!), genshin impact, and lots of more stuff ^_^!! any recommendations of stuff i might be interested in are appreciated !!1! :P



i love indie rock, i really REALLY love Alex-g and his songs always make me cry :33 but i love them so much heheh <3 i listen to baby metal, tv girl, mitski, SOAD, vocaloid, LEMON DEMON !!, machine girl, cavetown, mother mother, LIMP BIZKIT!! MCR, Pierce the veil and many more, i listen to j-pop as well, such as ado, yoasobi, zutomayo, eve, etc!! xpp plz give me artist recommendations, normally listen to emo/scene music :3


i REALLY REALLY LOVE HORROR MOVIES!! i love most of the ones i’ve watched, especially the Warren files <33 i want to watch saw as well but my parents don’t allow me to T_T… i also LOVE CORALINE!! and all the cool theories of the movie!! also probably one of my fav movies is the fnaf movie, maybe it’s not like many people expected but i think it was awesome and made slmost 8 years of waiting for a fnaf movie to come out totally worth it!! XDD


i enjoy watching cartoons like mlp or spongebob, i think even if they are made for younger kids they are still so fun <3 i also LOVE TAWOG!!! it’s one of the bst cartoons ever i think it’s so fun hehhe ;33 i also miss watching cartoons like clarence, new cartoons aren’t just as good as the old ones :’p i also sometimes watch shows like the big bang theory, even if there are lots of stereotypes i think it’s still pretty enjoyable:3


i don’t really read “normal” books, i just read mangas… one of my favourite mangas is tbhk, the art is amazing and the story is awesome too <33 i really enjoy junji ito too, their art is IN-CRE-DI-BLE!! XDD the way he draws body horror and the stories he creates are masterieces. my fav one is uzumaki!1!! :D


my boy gir!!!!!

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About me:

i’m a spanish artist !! :P i won’t interact w/ you if i feel insecure or just not in the mood of interacting, so plz keep that in mind <33 i won’t try to be rude otherwise be patient with me and excuse me if i make any mistakes while texting, english is not my fisrt language <3

i have this curse i cannot keep relationships with people for more than 2 weeks because of my fucking decaying mental health  (this includes friends)        

Who I'd like to meet:

i'm open to meeting nice people in general, mostly people that match my interests ^_^ plz just be patient with me and try to be nice <33

 * DNI !! : homophobes, transphobes, proshippers, dream and / or wilbur supporters !! *


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