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"Haunting ground brain rot"

Just a gay horror nerd lol (18, UK)

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About me:

Hi! I'm Ashley Graham (not relly but shhh) I'm an 18 year old cosplayer from the UK!!! I'm an autistic person with tourette's, social anxiety and a hyperfixation on early 2000s/2010s horror games that finds it pretty difficult to make friends, but that's why I'm here!! If you found me it's probably because you're a horror game fan (ME TOO!! Obvs :3) so that's pretty cool! I'd say I'm pretty friendly so if you'd like to chat, feel free!! I promise I wont bite! (And if I do?? Dw I've had my rabies shot XP) (For clarification, I'm not roleplaying as Ashley Graham, I just like her a lot! I might switch up my profile every now and then to have a different pfp and name but it's still the same person! I am a real human behind this computer so please be kind <3) Thanks for coming here! Stick around as long as you like :D

Who I'd like to meet:

~☆Juliet Starling ~☆Cheryl "Heather" Mason ~☆Fiona Belli ~☆Jennifer (girl literally doesn't have a last name-) ~☆Shakira "Ira" Irawati ~☆Jill Valentine ~☆Claire Redfield

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This is a cool profile!

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if i....
if i chop you up in a meat grinder-
and the only thing that comes out- that's left of you, is an eyeball...
you're PROBABLY dead.

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You're probably going to - not you, I'm just sayin', like, if you- if somebody were to, like, push you into a meat grinder, and, like, your- one of your finger bones is still intact, they're not gonna pick it up and go, "Well see, yeah it wasn't deadly, it wasn't an instant kill move! You still got, like, this part of your finger left!"

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insane profile, i love it

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