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"reading homestuck woagh"

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lemon demon, my ocs!! homestuck, undertale & deltarune, visual art (i am a furry artist), my ocs, , mlp, and mooooooreeee


lemon demon, will wood, jack stauber, creature feature, oingo boingo, toby fox, the garden, dazey and the scouts, poppy, mother mother but,, not rlly tho i dont care for them much... tally hall, (as well as like miracle musical n stuff) bondage fairies, metaroom, the living tombstone, neros day at disneyland, a verbal equinox, emamouse lololol and maybe more? (probs way more)


madoka magica movei..... tmvtm , beetlejuice? i do not know! fantastic mr fox, ghibli movies that i've had the chance 2 watch with my friend (i said i would watch them with them o_0) plus spirited away and whisper of the heart i watched those before i told them i would watch the others with them. uhuhuhuhfuhuhauh i dont watch movies often i just listen to rtvs streams while i'm drawing, less than slash 3....


infinity train, madoka magica, assassination classroom, soul eater, invader zim, mlp, stranger things ??.. idkkkk i dont watch TV usually!!!!!!!!!


i cnat readdd-_- (/j i just CANT pay attention and will DIEEEEEEEE if i readdd, dont like it 1 bit!!) but also if it counts , homestuck , and the invader zim comics when i finally get to reading them


i genuinely dont knwo what thsi section is for like i dont realy think of any1 as a hero i dont idolize any 1 ,,weeeee

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About me:

bestie!!! :3 Rainbow Arch Over Clouds

Who I'd like to meet:

furries, lemon demon fans, will wood fans, fans of whatever im into, so like homestucks and shit preferalbly people aged 14-17, maybe younger maybe a little older but adults creep me out most of the time sorry


i dont liek the minecraft men

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+rep hates minecraft men (valid)

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hate 'em!! yuck yuck yuck!

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Wacky Alex

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Try my channel. FunHouseRadio.com

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Your new layout looks cool but the comments are hard to read

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yeah i was about to fix that yesterday i think i got distracted woops, thanks 4 reminding me

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i think i fixed it but now other stuff is hard 2 read -_-

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You can change the contact link colors with these lines:

.contact a{ color: white; }
.contact a:hover{ color: yellow; }

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omg ty dude

by wolfgang.cur; ; Report

no prob

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thxs 4 the add! ur page is super cool ^^

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thank you!! also i had 2 add you, nepeta caught my eye and you seem super cool

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thanks 4 the add! stay cool X3

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yo first comment on da profile!!!@!@1! you stay cool too dudeee B3c

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