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"oh, to be a tiny faerie soaking in a birdbath✨"

she/they - 27/USA

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travelling, concerts, tattoos, antiques, art history, linguistics, animals, making art, drawing, painting, dj/beat-matching, theremin, ukulele, singing, eclectic hedgewitch, astrology, cosplay, ice/skating, halloween, cooking, nature walks, makeup and skincare, atmospheric baths, making tea blends, drag and burlesque, making playlists for everything, unplanned adventures, learning new things, time with people i love.


charli xcx, frank ocean, orville peck, 100 gecs, death cab for cutie, slayyyter, fka twigs, kennyhoopla, depeche mode, la dispute, megan thee stallion, nin, deftones, mitski, afi, muna, anti-flag, hozier, rico nasty, mcr, motion city soundtrack, lights; basically anything under the punk/rock umbrella, hyperpop, emo-bedroom-pop-bbyyyyy.


alien, hercules, what dreams may come, marie-antoinette, pride and predjudice, destination wedding, documentaries, john mulaney, jen kirkman, and hasan minaj comedy specials; i gravitate towards psychological-horror/thrillers, historical dramas, comedies, anything i can learn new things from.


sense8, buffy the vampire slayer, king of the hill, docuseries, haunting of hill house, pose, dead to me, twin peaks, asobi asobase, sailor moon, i will honestly watch anything; i have no self-control.


"everything is illuminated" by jonathan safran foer, "buy yourself the f*cking lilies" by tara schuster, "the bell jar" and "ariel" by sylvia plath, "the center cannot hold" by elyn saks, "the year of magical thinking" by joan didion, "wasted" by marya hornbacher, "smoke gets in your eyes" by caitlin doughty, william blake, "good bones" by maggie smith, "fille de Joie" by various authors, poetry collections in general, literary theory, art history, sociology, memoirs, witchcraft resources. send me your comics and ziiiiiines!



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About me:

hello! many people have called me bold and ethereal, but you can call me jessica ✨i’m the achy siren witch of your dreams, and i will not give you the time of day. i live on this planet and i do not capitalize or dream of labor.




plant and cat mom




find me in your local art museums and mosh pits💫

blm 💛 acab

Who I'd like to meet:

anyone cool and kind😃

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Theredspirit 🎸 (Joseph)

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Hi friend ️ if you like indie pop/rock music check me out on Spotify as Theredspirit :)

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Billy Mays

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Billy Mays here! thanks for the add!

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Thanks for the add, gorgeous 🖤🗡💕 Have a goodnight

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Thanks for adding me. I like your vibe.

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Hi, Jessica!
Thanks so much for accepting the friend request.
I hope you had a great day.

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hey! nice to meet you:) i hope you’re having a wonderful day🤘🏻🎉

by winteringstings; ; Report

My day is going pretty well!! Thank you!!

by aaronxcore; ; Report

Dawn Kitty

Dawn Kitty's profile picture

Thanks for the add n.n

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Xx-SegaBoy-xX's profile picture

Thanks for the add, your makeup & fashion sense is on point! Kudos :)

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thank you! nice to meet you:) your mohawk is freakin’ cool🥇

by winteringstings; ; Report

Nikkie I

Nikkie I 's profile picture

Hey!! Thanks for accepting my friend request! My name is Nikkie & I make pop music. I can’t wait to get to know you!

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necr.0nica's profile picture

thank you for accepting! hope you have a wonderful day C:

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Deme's profile picture

You are so beautiful

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no, you are! i just looked at your page and i love your fur and scaly bby. tulip is an adorable name for a dragon🥇

by winteringstings; ; Report

Thank you so much! She's my newest baby and I've absolutely loved learning about her
Do you have any pets?!

by Deme; ; Report

what’s the coolest thing you’ve learned about tulip so far? i have one, sweet, little black cat named dahlia. i adopted her a month ago and she’s added a lot to my life already 💛

by winteringstings; ; Report

There's so many cool things!
I think just the whole process of owning a reptile and get different diet and the fact that she's spikey, not fluffy is just so freaking cool
I have a black kitty too!! He's about 7. His name is Pluto I also have a 6 year old pittie named Anya 💕

by Deme; ; Report

pluto and anya are adorable too what a lovely family you have with your pets. pls give tulip a cricket (or whatever their favorite snack is) for me💚

by winteringstings; ; Report

Thank you!!
She loves roaches and I will absolutely give her a big one from you
Hope your day is going amazing!

by Deme; ; Report


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Thank you for the add

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Hii Jessica!✋🏼

Thank you for the add, and welcome to Spacehey, the coolest place on the Internet since the old Myspace. I'm relatively new here too, and this platform is pretty fun

~Frankkie R.

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ISOA GAMBEL's profile picture

Hello! Thanks for the add! Welcome! (◠‿◠)

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Kody Havoc

Kody Havoc's profile picture

hey thanks for adding me back! I love your profile. it's pretty! I hope you are having a wonderful monday ^_^

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thank you! so far, today is pretty good hope you’re having a good one too!

by winteringstings; ; Report


xxarianahorrorxx's profile picture

thanx for the add love xo

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thank you! i love your page! skulls everywhere 🤘🏻💕

by winteringstings; ; Report


jeffreybean's profile picture

Hi! When was the last time you watched Twilight?

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just last night! i just felt like i needed to for some reason probably going to end up watching all the other movies too soon. hbu?

by winteringstings; ; Report

I totally relate to that feeling (x

I watched the first two a couple weeks ago for the same reason and have been meaning to rewatch the others as well. Maybe I'll do that today!

Which is your favorite?

by jeffreybean; ; Report

i just rewatched new moon yesterday and remembered how much i liked the second book, so maybe that one? the volturi are interesting and there’s so much brooding!

by winteringstings; ; Report


ATRAiN904 WHATSG00D's profile picture

appreciate the add sending love from Florida your way! 🙋‍♂️💕

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OverLord ByronStars

OverLord ByronStars's profile picture

What is a spoonie?

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hey-o! it’s a term that describes someone with a chronic illness/condition. “spoonie theory” basically says that folkx have to be deliberate with the usage of their energy/tools (spoons). i have fibromyalgia, but i like relating to the broader community:)

by winteringstings; ; Report

Ohhhh okay gotcha. I am familiar with that I guess I just hadn’t seen the term spoonie.

by OverLord ByronStars; ; Report


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Thank you, I hope you are well.

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hanny's profile picture

YOU TOO! ♡ and thank u omg

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