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"Finding a sense of identity and having fun while doing it."

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Creepypasta, Marble Hornets, Yume Nikki, Old Web, Early 2000s things and general nostalgia, Vocaloid, Rhythm games, Learning about religions, Exploring the paranormal, Spiritual things, Sky: Children Of The Light, Persona 4 + Arena Ultimax, Project Sekai, Minecraft, Learning about subcultures, Fashion, LPS, etc.


Miy_Yuu, PinocchioP, Nightcore/Nightstep, Industrial music, Simon Curtis, Get Scared, My Chemical Romance, Vocaloid songs, etc.


Promare, Edward Scissorhands, Marvel movies, Coraline, Big Hero 6, etc.


My Little Pony G4, Wonder Egg Priority, Bungou Stray Dogs, To Your Eternity,


Haha... I don't really read. I like Edgar Alan Poe though.


The friendly boy who's helped me figure out who I am.

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About me:

Hello, I'm Vinnith. You may call me Vin or Vamp or anything, really. I am 18 years old, and I'm agender and asexual (A demiboy as well?). I use He/They/It pronouns and I like being referred to with masculine leaning words. Gender identity sure is crazy aha. I struggle to do a lot of things because I have carpal tunnel, and it makes it hard to stay on a computer super frequently, so I may take breaks here and there to ensure I am not constantly in pain.

Extra info about me here. I'm INFJ-T, 9w1, however it matters. I'm also Virgo Sun, Leo Moon, Virgo Rising. I find astrology fascinating, however I do not think it depicts a person's entire personality. I want to make friends who like things I like too. I struggle from a good few mental issues, I'm still looking to see a therapist, but I am hoping they will not get in the way. I experience frequent bouts of memory loss, so if I forget something you tell me, it isn't because I don't care. If I am acting differently than I normally do, it isn't too much to worry about, as its a natural occurrence for me. Thank you for reading. Check out my graphics collection on

Who I'd like to meet:

Instead of using this area with it's intended purpose, I'm spamming graphics here instead ^_^



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yottaFlare's profile picture

Love all ur stickers n blinkies >

also if u play PFAU on steam hit me uupppp (I suck tho lol)

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i sadly only have it on switch, otherwise i'd play T_T but thank u regardless !!!

by VAMP; ; Report


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Thx for the add! Your profile is really cool!!

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thank you so much!!!

by VAMP; ; Report


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Thankz 4 teh add

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Jay :]

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ty 4 the add^^ rad layout !!

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thank you!!! yours is lovely as well

by VAMP; ; Report

Wacky Alex

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I am always playing wacky music.
Take a listen? Have a suggestion?


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I listened and I was hit in the face w two trucks and honestly, I'm not complaining at all.

by VAMP; ; Report

I just pulled that song from rotation.. I think some people will think it's two chicks.. idk. Glad you liked it though! It's usually not that "dirty" per se. :P

by Wacky Alex; ; Report