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figures, song of saya, nitro chiral games, kaeya, enstars a little, vocaloid (kaito, rin & longya r my favs!), anddd umm i dont know honestly ! i like listening to songs n stuff but im very picky when it comes to trying out songs i have never listened to be4 :') i dont really have very many hobbies other than listening to music n putting stickers on everything ! im already at peace i dont have to do much to be happy :p OH WAIT YES alsooo i love bright colors and rainbows .


hypmic, vocaloid, the songs from nana, breakcore, vkei, game osts esp the osts for song of saya/dmmd/sweet pool, kpop, n more but let me be real w u . if u asked me what my favorite album was i wont know what to say because i just listen to songs without checking what album its from and stuff mostly .. so i basically dont really have a favorite singer or anything either honestly ! not a die hard fan when it comes to specific artists or anything. i listen to the same songs for the next gazillion years. do i ever get tired of a song? nope , neverr !!


classmates, promare, spirited away, maquia: when the flower blooms, cloverfield ... im forgetful though so i barely remember what even happens all i know is that i enjoyed it !


tiger & bunny, banana fish, nana, devilman crybaby, code geass, evangelion, yuri on ice err i like fictional men on my screen ( still barely remember what even happens )


mxtx's stuff but i love tgcf the most ! not sure why :o just made me super happy!


kaeya i think hes so pretty just looking at him will probably save humanity from extinction

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About me:

my names r diluc & sealie ! i am a selfshipper n kaeya is totally my bf. (in my head) i like kaeya ( so much. ) i am not very good at talking w other people + more but pls understand D: i am also rlly sensitive ! i def need tone tags most of the time, i get confused very easily !! thanks 4 everyone who decides to send me a frq <3

Who I'd like to meet:

kaeya & diluc enjoyers, genshin rarepair enjoyers, other people who like song of saya, people who are openminded, people who like nitro chiral games, n more !! if u r kind or seem rlly sweet too id def love to be friends w u :]

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meow meow :•3

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mmmaooww :3c

by vampluc; ; Report

Meow meow meowww !!!!!

by ☆~kaliya~☆; ; Report


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Thanks so much for adding me!!! :P

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YEAHH of course !!!

by vampluc; ; Report


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Thanks for adding me

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by vampluc; ; Report


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Thx for da add!!! (⁠◍⁠•⁠ᴗ⁠•⁠◍⁠)

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OFCC u seemed so cool !!

by vampluc; ; Report

silas ☆

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thx 4 the add! u seem rly kewl!

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U TOOO I LOVE UR LAYOUT AND UR NAME! my cats name is sylas hehehe :3

by vampluc; ; Report


by silas ☆; ; Report

silas and sylas twinning !!! >:D

by vampluc; ; Report

plz show me sylas at sum point

by silas ☆; ; Report

OK I WILL!!! i have so many pics of him to show u i think it will be very fun!!!

by vampluc; ; Report

omg yesyesyes

by silas ☆; ; Report


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hi dilu, i love you, mwah

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hello nya, i love u too, MMMMWWA

by vampluc; ; Report

nya i miss. come back on spacehey. (i say as we r talking on disc)

by vampluc; ; Report


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by vampluc; ; Report