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"2006 ford crown victoria"

16, USA, she/her

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ok cause i said the main few things in the about me i'll just list off a bunch of shit here

basketball, NBA, rap, hip-hop, music production, graphic design, photography, rdcworld, scott the woz, calebcity, homebrew, computer science, scp foundation, tnickelss


man im into everything... imma just list some of the things i like and just holla at me if you recognize a name

a tribe called quest, daft punk, bone thugs-n-harmony, kanye, nujabes, daft punk, gil scott-heron, j dilla, kalapana, tyler the creator, yabujin, tatsuro yamashita, three 6 mafia, MF DOOM, michael jackson, tommy wright iii, toshiki kadomatsu, carti, kendrick lamar, project pat, mcr, ROMANCEPLANET, basshunter, deftones

if you wanna know more bout the artists i like check out my pinned blog about it :3


2k, minecraft, gmod, ffVII, sims 3 & 4, osaka simulator, counter strike 1.6, fallout 4, gta (san andreas, 4, and 5 online), and DONT TELL NOBODY but ON OCCASION i play genshin


i dont have the attention span for movies anymore but i did like spirited away


azumanga daioh, key and peele, limmy's show, impractical jokers, charles barkley on inside the nba


i dont have the attention span for books anymore but i read the first three volumes of "i think our son is gay" before i realized i was actually a girl and those were pretty funny i think


j dilla, allen iverson, ben wallace, luke blovad, ayumu kasuga, project pat


Basshunter - I Can Walk On Water (background music)
Vince Carter Ending A Man's NBA Career

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About me:

hiiiiiii!!!!! my names catherine :3
i make beats of all kinds of genres… i can never stay in one place Xd
i'm also big into basketball... havent been watching enough NBA to have a favorite team but my all time favorite player is allen iverson
i put a lot of effort into my outfits too… if theres one thing i love its big baggy clothes. i hit up the thrift store and buy shirts and jeans twice my size

Who I'd like to meet:

other transfems and/or basketball fans (not mutually exclusive)

geocities button gimp" 2006 xp onion trans your gender winamp plastic love

A little reminder:

if youre one of those azumanga hentai people of if youre friends with one of em I DONT FUCK WITH YOU!!!! i have ONE exception and she has been banned

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thanks for adding :3 i love your profile and you seem cool

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thx :333 you seem cool too gng

by transfemtayk2017; ; Report


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your music taste and your pfp and your layout and EVERYTHING its so cool

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OMGGGG THANK YOU!!!!!! you too :3333333

by transfemtayk2017; ; Report

𓆩v𓆪 ๋࣭ ⭑♡♱

𓆩v𓆪 ๋࣭ ⭑♡♱'s profile picture

BRIDGET PFP SO REALLL shes #1 transfem icon

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ON GOD!!!!!!!

by transfemtayk2017; ; Report

:3 the merc

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NEVER MET SOMEONE ELSE THAT LIKES TNICKELSS this is so awesome! also music production + graphic design and scp.. fire interests this is so awesome

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i luv tnibbles my favorite broke streamer <3 you got w interests too gng

by transfemtayk2017; ; Report

🦇🍰 ⨯ ₊✿『★Spade/Alice★』

🦇🍰 ⨯ ₊✿『★Spade/Alice★』's profile picture


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by transfemtayk2017; ; Report


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bribbit guilt ge4r

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on god

by transfemtayk2017; ; Report

silas ☆

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tysm 4 accepting, ur literally so kewl ^_^

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thanks… you too :333

by transfemtayk2017; ; Report

Asher R. Lorcans | Author

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Thanks for the add. Love your profile!

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thx :3

by transfemtayk2017; ; Report


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this profile goes really hard ! awesome taste. TRANSGEDER PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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howd you know im transgener????????

by transfemtayk2017; ; Report

i can smell it thru my screen

by idioteque; ; Report


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i gotta admit… ive never played guilty gear

by transfemtayk2017; ; Report

randal hate account (lie)

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hi i saw your name was catherine and immediately i thought of cath by death cab. i like your name :3

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word??? no idea who that is but thats cool fr... i mean i did just look the song up rn so i'll give it a listen :3

by transfemtayk2017; ; Report

ElkCX ☘︎

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Hii Ty for accepting my friend request ^^ I love your profile it's super cool looking!!

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preciate it :3 im thinkin bout reworkin it so i can play some three 6 mafia tho

by transfemtayk2017; ; Report


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Great page!

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thx bro

by transfemtayk2017; ; Report