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no se para q pongo todo en ingles si despues no entiend

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i love a lot of things tbh but amm specially i love reading, drawing, talking a lot, birds, rats, stickers, dolls, weird or scary stuff i guess?, weird clothes, scrollboxes, cool shapes, colorful stuff, etc


i listen a bit of everything but my faves are the beatles and gustavo cerati, btw sometimes i listen to siouxsie and the banshees, the vaselines, soda stereo, nirvana or weezer lol


smiling friends, superjail!, peter capusotto y sus videos, the beatles cartoon, the yellow submarine, a hard days night, strappare lungo i bordi and questo mondo non mi rendera cattivo, moral orel. Im trying to watch more adult swim shows (specially aqua teen hunger force) but, sadly, i cant find the complete episodes in a safe way :(:(


tbh i dont read sm comics but i like Ranfren, scott pilgrim (i dont like these ones so much right now), and, my fave, NEN, maybe someday ill buy a Zerocalcare comic...


"Phantom"/''Cabby'' (NEN) btw not proud about it...
Zackery Carney (NEN)
Allan (Smiling Friends)
Charlie Dompler (Smiling Friends)
Derpy Hooves (MLP)
Fluttershy (MLP)
Pinkie Pie (MLP)
Jen (MTV's Downtown)
Mecca (MTV's Downtown)
Serena (MTV's Downtown)
Rebecca Cotswolds (South Park)
Lisa Miller (Scott Pilgrim)
Knives Chau (Scott Pilgrim)
Young Neil (Scott Pilgrim)
Kinder Surprise Michael JR. (Ranfren)
Ratman 3 (Ranfren)



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About me:

▄︻デ══━一 Ah, 'ello! my name is edin any of my kins name...i love when ppl call me by their names hehe
The current mood of ninohardcore666 at www.imood.com


im 13-15 yo and i am from argentina, my pronouns are he/they but idc about being called by any pronouns (she/her ONLY for close people).


I draw stuff and talk a lot, oh and i LOVE when people recommend new things to me!! my birthday is on december 29...i hate my birthday I speak mainly spanish, a bit of english and im thinking about learning italian

Do Not Interact P*dophiles, transphobics, racists, zoophiles...the basic DNI criteria, ghosters or whatever, nazis/neonazis, edgys, Dream supporters, Wilbur Soot supporters, Vivziepop supporters (idc if you just enjoy her projects)...people who supports gross af fools. -12 or +20 yo ppl, Gatekeepers, no ironically fujoshis/fundashis or himejoshis/himendashis, weird Ranfren fans, pro-Israel ppl, TCCers, gore enjoyers

Before You Interact If i say something that make you feel uncomfortable please let me know I make a lot of k** myself (kms) jokes I use slurs that i can claim, if that make you feel uncomfortable let me know, i have no problem with stop using em with you around I use '':v'' and stuff like that in a ironical way Talk to me whenever you want! if it takes me a while to respond im so sorry I say ''im sorry'' a lot If you want to vent with me, that's fine, but most of the time I don't know what to say sometimes I talk a lot about my hyperfixations, sorryyy my english is very basic/bad, sorry 4 that :(:(

Who I'd like to meet:

I'd like to meet uhmmm ppl or people with my interests or cool people, possibly like you!! :):)

Natural Natural Natural Natural Natural Natural Natural Natural Natural Natural Natural Natural Natural

Natural Natural Free Palestine!


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