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LIKES: drawing, cartoons, ffxiv, cookie run, pokemon, digimon, furry, plushes, toys, dolls, figures, stationery, soap, perfumes, lotions, lush, bath & bodyworks, mascots, fruity boba teas, fanfics, playstation, 3DS, silent hill, fatal frame and henchman 21 my darling blorbo


hamu hamu hamu

the cure, ministry, depeche mode, genesis, rob zombie, rammstein, nin, puscifer, tool, slipknot, modest mouse, glass animals, lil nas x, gorillaz, voltaire, galaktikon, orville peck, the scary jokes


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scooby doo on zombie island, scooby doo and the ghoul school, bambi, megamind, MLP 2021, digimon the movie, who framed roger rabbit, lupin iii the castle of cagliostro, kiki's delivery service, wizard of oz, venom


- anime

digimon, pokemon, lucky star, puella magi madoka magica, sailor moon, way of the househusband, dorohedoro, another, pop team epic, spy x family, ranking of kings

- cartoons

bluey, scooby doo, my little pony, venture bros, metalocalypse, athf, disenchantment, bojack horseman, tuca & bertie, close enough, owl house, stone quackers, the tick, the simpsons, billy & mandy, invader zim, daria, freakazoid, batman tas, rocko's modern life

- other

columbo, murder she wrote, golden girls, a series of unfortunate events, our flag means death, unsolved mysteries, animal documentaries, cheesy ghost shows


night in the woods, undertale, franken rpg, 2064: rom, minecraft, plants vs zombies, sonic adventure 2, nights into dreams, slime rancher, spyro, ffxiv, team fortress 2, spongebob bfbr, pokemon unite, warioware, super princess peach, toree 3d, toree 2


moomins, bone, deadpool, hellboy, mystery, horror, ghost stories, art books, beatrix potter, lemony snicket asoue, poetry, richard siken


eeyore, scooby doo, slappy squirrel, twilight sparkle, princess luna & celestia, moominmamma, toriel, isabelle animal crossing


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About me:


he/him . 28 . hii i'm sunny! i'm a trans guy who loves bears, drawing and talking about cartoons! my current special interests rn are venture bros, the tick and pokemon ocs :) friend requests are ok, adults only pls!

Who I'd like to meet:

anyone with similar interests! i love to talk about cartoons, plushes & toys, games and art & ocs! :) 17+ please, i don't plan to post anything nsfw but i'm almost 30 and i'd just feel more comfortable with friends at least a little closer to my own age (・∀・; )

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ty 4 accepting! ₍ᐢ. ̫.ᐢ₎ fellow pokemon enjoyer!!!

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of course, ty for adding me!! i'm glad you like pokemon too, i love your gloomy bear themed profile!! \(^▽^)/

by halomon; ; Report


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hii thank you for the add :D
your profile is so cute! i love all the small gifs you have everywhere ^_^

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tysm too ;w; you're welcome to save and use any you like for yourself!! i love your profile too, i love all the super cute character art and the spinning effect on your icon too!

by halomon; ; Report

aww yayaya thank you sm!!! that makes me happy to hear! :D besides the pixel art and header/banner, all the art is by me of my ocs!!!!
the spinning effect is done by the theme creator baja blast :3

by hero; ; Report


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Man you also have an epic profile, i love all the little doodads and doohickeys! Welcome smileys and the youve got mail dino are probably my faves! How did you learn to do all of that?

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oh i've been doing profile coding since i started getting on gaiaonline in 2008! there's only a couple bits of code i have memorized though, i usually have to look up tips and guides from others to refresh my memory, especially on a site like this i'm not as familiar with yet! (´∀`;)

by halomon; ; Report

gaz ☆

gaz ☆'s profile picture

thanks for the add, i'm enamoured with your kimba avatar! where's it from?

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yw, thank you too!! it's art by petday3 on twitter, their style is one of my faves! :D

by halomon; ; Report


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hi there nice to see u here!! ur profile is super cute!! =3

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hii it's great to be back!! thank you so much, yours is so cute too! it's an inspiration, the sleepy pinkie glitter gif is so peaceful! ;w;

by halomon; ; Report