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"imagining sisyphus happy"

14 UK ND DID it/he + neos

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the path, ddlc, moshi monsters, ponytown, needy streamer overload, yan-sim (ANTI YANDEV), john doe, life is strange, the stanley parable, the floor is breathing, sally face, fnaf, sims 4, minecraft, milk inside a bag of milk inside a bag of milk, undertale, deltarune, night in the woods, alter ego, doge2048, solitaire


my fav albums

(im not a fan of her new work sorry lol) (sm good tracks other than wallflower btw) (SISV FUCKING SLAPS IDC ABT WILBUR)

pierce the veil, deftones, alex g, my bloody valentine, foo fighters, lush, burrrn, my dead girlfriend, tyler; the creator, knifeplay, starry cat, isaur (including sideprojects), slipknot, blink-182, tinker, liana flores, tv girl, moses campbell, coma cinema, faith and disease, duster, rew, nirvana, swallow, the psychedelic furs, cyberbully mom club, alisons halo, salvia palth, julie, mitski


scott pilgrim, the perks of being a wallflower, eternal sunshine of the spotless mind, everything everywhere all at once, twilight, the dirt, the craft, hocus pocus, girl; interrupted, joker, princess mononoke, the lost boys, american psycho, the pianist, from up on poppy hill, thoroughbreds, when marnie was there, the crow, spirited away, the house, amelie, metal lords, whisper of the heart, the truman show, howls moving castle, kikis delivery service, eternal summer, my neighbour totoro, shirkers, operation hyacinth, coraline, the nightmare before christmas, alice in wonderland, back to the future, the lego batman movie, corpse bride, a silent voice, beetlejuice, wendell and wild, frankenweenie, ferris buellers day off


death note, lain, k-on!, dhmis, this is going to hurt, violet evergarden, skins, breaking bad, mlp, killing eve, girl from nowhere, saiki k, russian doll, bojack horseman, the IT crowd, inventing anna, the good place, the queens gambit, the end of the f***cking world, i am not okay with this, maid sama, banana fish, josee the tiger and the fish, the haruhiverse, ohshc, wonder egg priority


killing stalking (ANTI SANGBUM), ranfren, (ANTI CREATOR) phantom of the opera, animal farm, les mis, the werewolf, frankenstein, half of a yellow sun, romeo and juliet, alice in wonderland, through the looking glass, twilight, the tempest, purple hibiscus, a christmas carol, the strange case of dr jekyll and mr hyde, dracula, how to cure a ghost, poems to night, the essential june jordan, mercies (sexton), slug, armistice (duffy)



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About me:

ac5b27e4 26b62c43 5ec1eb1b 39d91790 a4785b9a 0e93bb06 14c11d93 a34a4085 96918ef1 ce4f553b 64c93bdd 992d197e 0a556c96 d5e885de af82e800 db66a25b
haiii im sol! im an otherkin, trans xenos and neos user w bpd did and adhdtism! it/he/mu/mechie/ky/wolf/wy/te/wer+ [PRONOUN PAGE] spiritual absurdist shoegazer! i ♡ philosophy, art, poetry, digital cameras, cds and my boyfren kafka!! reading: sula - toni morrison
It's tamaNOTchi! Click to feed!
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Who I'd like to meet:

☆⌒(ゝ。∂) i'm not interested in ordinary ppl; but, if any of you are aliens, time travelers, or espers, pls come see me! /ref

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sarah ♡

sarah ♡'s profile picture

thanks for the add!
happy sunday ♡

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ofc! u too :3

by 𖦹sol☆; ; Report


kafka's profile picture

ur rlly stupid

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OMG KAFKA...... o/////o u were thinking abt me???/ ᵉʰᵉʰᵉ(*/∇\⭒) haiiiiii ^///^

by 𖦹sol☆; ; Report


milo's profile picture

ty for the add :0 u r so cool!

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tysm1!! u 2 ^_^

by 𖦹sol☆; ; Report

☆ איה

☆ איה 's profile picture

ur profile looks rlly coollllll ty for the add <3

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ofc! n u 2 i luv the rainbow txt :3

by 𖦹sol☆; ; Report


VINCENT ^_^'s profile picture

THX 4 FRIENDING >_< omg fellow milk inside a bag of milk inside a bag of milk fan

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ofc! n yessss 1 of the best games ever fs :33

by 𖦹sol☆; ; Report


mutoid_dude's profile picture

dude I freakin love your layout!! mbv's self titled is so good!

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THANKUSM AND YESSSS 1 of my fav albums of all time :33

by 𖦹sol☆; ; Report


SKY's profile picture

omg u r too cool!!!!

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TYSM ur awesomer >:33

by 𖦹sol☆; ; Report

kitley ☄ 🐾

kitley ☄ 🐾 's profile picture

HAAIII thx 4 friending !!! u seem so cool i'm like :OO

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UWAH thank u so much! luv ur profileee

by 𖦹sol☆; ; Report


kandi's profile picture

aaaaaaaaa just came back to comment on how ur new layout looks so cool!!!!!!! i'm still working on mine lol

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aaaa thank u sm!!! urs looks super awesom omgg

by 𖦹sol☆; ; Report

tysm aaaaaaaaaa!!!!!

by kandi; ; Report

tysm aaaaaaaaaa!!!!!

by kandi; ; Report


Xx7r3vxX's profile picture

THXZ 4 DA ADD!!! 🖤💚🖤💚

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by 𖦹sol☆; ; Report


#1davidbowielover's profile picture

thanks for friending me i love your page !1!!

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TYSM! luv urs 2 :33

by 𖦹sol☆; ; Report


CASPER's profile picture

i luv yr pfp!!

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TYSM urs is awesum!! lets all luv lain :3

by 𖦹sol☆; ; Report


shotgunssam's profile picture

thanks for the add!!

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npp !

by 𖦹sol☆; ; Report


randal's profile picture

first of all, cool reference in your status. second of all i fuckinf love the autism creature thing you've got going on

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THANK U SO MUCH u reminded me to start ranfren and ur awesum

by 𖦹sol☆; ; Report

AH thank you!!

by randal; ; Report


egbert!!'s profile picture

this is the coolest profile i've ever seen.

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THANK U SO MUCH urs is even cooler >:3

by 𖦹sol☆; ; Report


♡𝓝𝓮𝔀𝓸♡'s profile picture

Sol!! I'm the 2nd best in All-County, I'm gonna cry

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by 𖦹sol☆; ; Report

I've cried 4 times TvT

by ♡𝓝𝓮𝔀𝓸♡; ; Report

Kaz ☆ Karnage

Kaz ☆ Karnage's profile picture

Tysm 4 adding me!! :D

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ofc! luv ur profile :3

by 𖦹sol☆; ; Report


gabriel's profile picture

thankz for adding me!!! u seem really cool :D

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tysm!!!!!! ur cooler :33

by 𖦹sol☆; ; Report


xxXbazzie319Xxx's profile picture

omggg ur hair lookz so coooollllll :DDDDDD

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thank u sm!! uv ur pfp :3

by 𖦹sol☆; ; Report


♡𝓝𝓮𝔀𝓸♡'s profile picture

thx for the add

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np !!

by 𖦹sol☆; ; Report