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♡The Monkees ♡Dr. Hook ♡Motley Crue ♡Sixx AM ♡NKOTB ♡Reba ♡Miranda Lambert ♡Blake Shelton ♡George Strait ♡Prince ♡Morgan Wallen


♡Titanic ♡The Breakfast Club ♡Sixteen Candles ♡Pretty In Pink ♡Weird Science ♡The Lost Boys ♡Pirates of the Caribbean ♡Twilight ♡Nightmare Before Christmas ♡Nightmare on Elm Street ♡Tim Burton Movies
TV Shows:
♡Reba ♡The Skinwalker Ranch ♡Ghost Whisperer ♡The Dead Files ♡Portal to Hell ♡Ghost Adventures ♡Ghost Nation ♡Paranormal Lockdown ♡Supernatural ♡Angel ♡Buffy the Vampire Slayer ♡Paranormal State ♡Vampire Diaries ♡The Originals ♡History Channel ♡HGTV ♡Struggle Meals ♡15 Minute Meals ♡Vikings ♡The Voice ♡American Idol ♡Jackass


♡Captain Morgan ♡Jack Daniels ♡Coca Cola ♡Tacos ♡Nachos ♡Pizza



♡Anna Nicole Smith ♡Robin Williams ♡Corey Haim ♡Prince ♡Ryan Dunn ♡Johnny Depp ♡Nikki Sixx

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About me:

in a nutshell...
★ 💕Mom ★ Wife💑 ★ DogMom🐶 ★ ♡Thriver ★

Suicide/Addiction/Abuse Survivor

Let's be friends! 🍷🍻

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Who I'd like to meet:

who I'd like to meet...

♡Bray Wyatt

♡Hugh Laurie

♡Jensen Ackles, ♡Jared Padalecki, ♡Misha Collins, ♡Jim Beaver

♡Ashton Kutcher, ♡Sam Elliot, ♡Daniel Masterson

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Pete Bit

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Hi there! Thanks for the add! Cool profile & interests!

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Wassup! Thanks for the add. How are you doing over there?

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I'm alright. Thanks for accepting. 💚

by ✝️ ɛʌɛℓʏи ✝️ AKF♡; ; Report


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Stopping by to wish you a wonderful weekend! ♡

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Thanks doll! ♡

by ✝️ ɛʌɛℓʏи ✝️ AKF♡; ; Report


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Hola chica *spazzoid waving*

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Jennifer Anderson

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hey there!
i’d totally love to meet Bray Wyatt too! haha

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Yeah, I know right?! He is one of my faves.

by ✝️ ɛʌɛℓʏи ✝️ AKF♡; ; Report

do you watch wrestling or just a bray wyatt fan?

by Jennifer Anderson; ; Report

My hubby watches it, I used to be a huge fan of it, but all the great ones are gone or retired. I still watch it though when he does.

by ✝️ ɛʌɛℓʏи ✝️ AKF♡; ; Report

i definitely agree with you!
i loved it for so long but now i can't get into it as much.
the story lines are a bit out there!

have you or your husband tried watching aew?
i don't like it at all. haha! that's where one of my favorite wrestlers went though! chris jericho.

by Jennifer Anderson; ; Report

Nope, we stick to WWE

by ✝️ ɛʌɛℓʏи ✝️ AKF♡; ; Report

i'm glad i'm not the only one who sticks with wwe.
you know the big show? he just recently signed with aew.

i personally think aew does nothing but take ppl from wwe.
like the ones wwe fires, aew picks up instantly.

by Jennifer Anderson; ; Report


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Have a great day friend! 🙃

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You too my friend ♡

by ✝️ ɛʌɛℓʏи ✝️ AKF♡; ; Report

your page is clean good job ✔🙃

by ATRAiN904 WHATSG00D; ; Report

Thanks, I am sure I will change it again

by ✝️ ɛʌɛℓʏи ✝️ AKF♡; ; Report

Oklahoma Tomcat

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Stopping by to give you some love.

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Neil Proudfoot

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Looks great

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Thank you ♡

by ✝️ ɛʌɛℓʏи ✝️ AKF♡; ; Report

sɐɾoɹ uᴉʌǝk

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Dropping some love ♡ on your page. Looking real good!!

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Thanks girl! Right back at ya!

I tried to leave a nice graphic comment but can't figure out how to make them work. They need to enable HTML for comments lol.....

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Yeah, that needs to happen soon. I am sure An is working on more stuff.

by ✝️ ɛʌɛℓʏи ✝️ AKF♡; ; Report