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"i don't think i want to see janitor ai anymore"

i like SCP lol

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I like drawing, food, comics, books (if they're understandable and easy to remember 'cause i have goldfish memory lol), pencils (pencils are cool bros), my stuffed djüngleskög named 'bear' (i think i tried naming him 'clown' once but 'bear is easier to remember) I also like sleeping (I like my imagination)


I like hiphop music, will wood, That Handsome Devil, breakcore, edit audios lol i cant believe i have to open apple music to remember my music taste I'll list them down Hamilton Alien Stage Vivaldi (prefferably 4 seasons) This Could Be Us by Rae Sremmurd Danse Macabre (pronounced 'Dance Makahb' I also really like this one) Creature by half•alive The entire Across The Spiderverse score (Daniel Pemberton is so cool) Daniel Thrasher (I just found out about his new song 'Igowallah' lol) I've only listened to a bit of kpop but I think it's cool (I like 143 and Drunk-Dazed) YonKaGor Exyl Bruno Mars Rammstein Uglyburger0 The Stupendium CG5 (usually the video game songs) Jack Stauber (although I listen to his songs, I don't listen to them as much anymore) and that's like only half of it i think in short, i was raised by a family of musicians and i can barely function without it lol (that was an exaggeration but you know what i mean)


i dont watch movies much but my favs are the spiderverse movies


i haven't watched cable in a long time now i think the last show I watched one cable was a rip-off spider-man movie called 'Gagamboy' (spider boy in filipino)


I like reading writing prompts on reddit, does that count? I've read A Wrinkle In Time, Holes, and the first book of The Mysterious Benedict Society. I also read one book which was about this fictional girl helping her jewish friend escape angry nøzays (holes and the book i just described were required readings from my 3rd grade english teacher, she doesn't teach at my school anymore but i kinda miss her, she got us HOOKED onto those books i tell ya)


spider-man I made a spidersona but i'm still trying to work out his design and backstory and (lol) 'canon event'

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heyoooo I'm shromai (shrimp siomai) and I like to draw and read comics and listen to music

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i like people who just do the bare minimum in a conversation, like not talking over other people's sentences.

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