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"eating chalk"

a bomb threat has been called to your barn. KILL HORSE

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enjoys gameing, watching other people gameing, talking about game (aka unbearable person who thinks about games 24/7) i also spend a lot of time retweeting art i love (its mostly weeb art). i waste hours watching youtube stuff. not really a super serious person i just make dumb jokes all the time.

currently playing through monster hunter rise on pc (might also play world too if i feel like it).


you are currently listening to it (if u have autoplay on), if u want the playlist check the section below. i travel between genres so much bc sometimes i really vibe with loud harsh music n other times im vibing with super chill stuff. 100gecs to windows96 to sewerslvt to some ear grating schizo music. hard to list off genres i like there are so many of them + subgenres. i mostly just enjoy whatever songs i come across n never really keep up with the artist unless i really enjoy their music/style. idk just msg me i will send some of the recent stuff ive been listening to. i am a big fan of windows96 though go listen to empty hiding world and magic peaks.





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About me:

shrimp enjoyer

alo i wanna make friends n talk to people. i refuse to make a professional looking profile. it doesnt get any better than this.

(i hardly ever talk first though)

gaming: im playing monster hunter world/rise rn.

if u play mh pls play with me (pc)

(link to the mod i used for the pic)

Who I'd like to meet:

im a big jojo and yakuza fan

i watch a lot of jerma content he funny lol. i occasionally watch NL, grayfruit, twomad, albino, pyrocynical and jfj.

purple francis is REAL dont tell me hes not.

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This is the most eyewateringly exquisite, gorgeous, beauteous, pulchritudinously, scrumptious beddable profile layout i’ve seen. Thank you for friending me good sire and letting me see your absolutely stunning layout.

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Nanomachines, son. They harden in response to physical trauma. You can't hurt me, Jack.

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by Shrimp; ; Report

... wat x_X

by Taphi; ; Report

a real quote from sundowner

by Shrimp; ; Report

i thought it was that he was in touch with his inner child

by Taphi; ; Report

no thats an edited line of dialogue trust me

by Shrimp; ; Report


by Taphi; ; Report


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I LOVE YOUR PROFILE SO MUCH!! thanks a lot for the add! :DD

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ty so much!! o(*°▽°*)o

by Shrimp; ; Report


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thanx u 4 the add!!! i luvv ur profileee(´▽`ʃ♡ƪ)

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thank uuu ヾ(•ω•`)o fennec foxes are rly cute!!

by Shrimp; ; Report

yes they r!!!!! i love fennecs :DDD

by zephyrus; ; Report


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Thanks for accepting my request! Your profile is so awesome!

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aaa thank u!! (o゜▽゜)o☆

by Shrimp; ; Report


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THANK YOU!!!! ヾ(≧▽≦*)o

by Shrimp; ; Report

NO PROBLEM*★,°*:.☆( ̄▽ ̄)/$:*.°★* 。

by Kittybean; ; Report


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Thanks for accepting my fr! Your profile is cool, and awesome tastes!

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thank u thank u!! ^-^

by Shrimp; ; Report


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omg i love your profile ^^ its so awesome ^^

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aaa thank u!! ^-^

by Shrimp; ; Report

ur welcome ^^

by Ritatzol; ; Report


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I firmly believe that your page is the best ive seen, and idk if it will ever be topped

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thank you that means a lot to me!!

by Shrimp; ; Report


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added only so i could send you this video lol

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by appyjuicefan6; ; Report

its as shrimple as that

by Shrimp; ; Report


by appyjuicefan6; ; Report


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the dancing cats on this page, 10/10

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thanks i adopted them ( •̀ ω •́ )✧

by Shrimp; ; Report

Flandre Scarlet

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You're awesome and thank you for adding me and being my friend! *Kys* (It means kiss)

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thank u, u are very cool!!! (*^▽^*)

by Shrimp; ; Report


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omg your page is so cool and we like so much of the same music!!

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bffs!! ^-^

by Shrimp; ; Report


by Berry; ; Report


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This is the best profile I have ever seen on Spacehey please keep it this way

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thank you!! i might change it a bit but im talkin about adding more stuff

by Shrimp; ; Report


·̩̩̥͙**•̩̩͙✩•̩̩͙*˚vanny˚*...'s profile picture

thank you for the add i am obsessed with your profile. bury nice profile ♡

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thank you (✿◡‿◡) bury cool fwend

by Shrimp; ; Report

♡Blood Honey♡

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Jesus Christ I love your profile

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chaos chaos (thank you!!)

by Shrimp; ; Report


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absolutely phenomenal profile, im so very overjoyed and flatters to be on your friends list. keep it swaggy B)

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thank you so much!! stay handsome! ( •̀ ω •́ )✧

by Shrimp; ; Report


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i love ur profile sm :DD

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aaaa thank u!! (╯▽╰ )

by Shrimp; ; Report


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Best profile on this site hands down 🙏

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damn that means a lot, thank you!! ^-^

by Shrimp; ; Report


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this is the best page i've ever seen.....

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thank you so much!!

by Shrimp; ; Report