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graphic designer/artist/web developer

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CSS/HTML/JS enthusiast, Religion (especially Abrahamic faiths), history, music and its history, neuropharmacology (personal experimentation was something I did in my younger years), psychology, biochemistry (extraction and refinement mainly)


The Smashing Pumpkins, Modest Mouse, NIN, Marilyn Manson, Dan Deacon, thisquietarmy, vic chestnutt, the cure (at times), alabama 3


The holy mountain, Upstream Color, Empire of Dust, Sleep has her House, Primer, Lost Highway, Alone in the Wilderness, Kynodontas (dogtooth) not much of a standard hollywood fare guy


It is a waste of time


The hitchikers guide to the galaxy, house of leaves, and a ton of boring dry nonfiction on comp sci, psychology, neuropharmacology, history, and more



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About me:

I am a front end developer and graphic designer. I make cover art for the music industry, and some boring websites

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Feel free to hit me up to chat about music, art, film, etc.

Left/right politics is divide and conquer

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♫♪ Hello! Nice to see you here! We have Original Music Tracks & Vids on our page too! Also Links to our other sites at the top of Page! ☮(ˆ◡ˆ)☮ Thank You

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♬ ♫ ♪ Hi! And welcome Here! On my page are my own original content Music Tracks & Vids, plus all Links to my other sites at the top! ⭐(◕‿◕)⭐ Thanx!

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Hello ! I am singer songwriter, all mine composition. In Spanish, French, Japanese and English.. I am also the Astral Twins. All links in my page. (◠‿◠).

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THANKS for adding me.You are totally rad! 🎧

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Try my channel. FunHouseRadio.com

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by ♄ Saturn ♄; ; Report


by ♄ Saturn ♄; ; Report


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Saturn, is the ruler of Capricorn. In Greek Mythology, Cronus was one of the Titans, and the father of Zeus. Cronus ate his children to prevent himself from being dethroned as the King of the Gods. That is, until his wife, Rhea, tricked him into swallowing a stone when Zeus was born.

In astrology, Saturn is associated with restriction and limitation. Where Jupiter expands, Saturn constricts. At first blush, the themes of Saturn can seem depressing, but the planet brings structure and meaning to our world.

Saturn knows the limits of time and matter. It reminds us of our boundaries, our responsibilities, and our commitments. Essentially, Saturn brings definition to our lives. This planet, through its placement and connections in our charts, makes us aware of the need for self-control, boundaries, and limits.

Saturn Planet with RingsSaturn is often associated with our fathers or father/authority figures. In childhood, the discipline, rules, and regulations imposed on us by our authority figures–from parents, teachers, and the like–were not always pleasant. However, they actually helped us to understand the world around us. Similarly, Saturn’s lessons help us grow, mature, and refine ourselves.

Still, Saturn’s position in our charts can help us see where we may experience energetic blocks. Facing our fears in these areas can be most rewarding–we might turn our limitations into our greatest strengths.

In the chart, the position of Saturn by sign and house reveals our own limitations, fears, and sense of responsibility. Saturn’s sign can describe how we approach our responsibilities. However, it can also point to traits that we have difficult expressing naturally–and even accepting as part of our personality.

Saturn brings definition, and often limitation (0ne would argue, some of which is quite necessary), to the planets it aspects.

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Ultima Cumaei venit iam carminis aetas;
Magnus aB integro saeclorum nascitur ordo.
iam redit et Virgo, redeuntSatumia regna,
iam nova progenies caelo demittitur alto.

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Thanks for the add! A Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy is a really good series.

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absolutely! pleased to meet you!

by ♄ Saturn ♄; ; Report

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Thanks for the add!

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sure thing! hope you are having a good day

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You too! ^.^

by ♰ Sho Shinjo ♰; ; Report