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Music: mansun, bauhaus, the smashing pumpkins, lebanon hanover, 45 grave, psycho teddy, tassel, ultra sunn, soviet soviet, type O negative, KMFDM, london after midnight, bjork, animal collective, ghost town, s3rl, joy division, electric wizard, ayesha ero, crystal castles, machinegirl, death grips, morbidi i mnoći, the cure, faith no more, rage against the machine, korn, the prodigy, twin tribes, skeletal family, the pixies, christian death, duster, sisters of mercy, paralysed age, witching hour, the cramps, alex g, the clash, siouxsie and the banshees, alien sex fiend, xmal deutschland, witches rune, molchat doma, nightcore, dot dot curve, msi + moree⍩⃞⍩⃞⍩⃞⍩⃞


Movies: WATERSHIP DOWN<33333 studio ghibli movies, fnaf, the crow, the lost boys, snatch, attack the block, hot fuzz, sean of the dead, from dusk till dawn, what we do in the shadows, pulp fiction, the exorcist, close encounters, cried 2 carrie🕱, paul, zoolander1&2, alien, the color of pomegranates, ghostbusters, jaws, invaders from mars, terrifier, evil dead, jeepers creepers, babadook, the shining, halloween, war of the worlds(old and new), texas chainsaw massacre, hellraiser, the fly, pearl, labyrinth, adventures of buratino, freaks1932, isle of dogs


Television: invader zim, garfield, red dwarf, ren and stimpy, courage the cowardly dog, peep show, inbetweeners, mighty boosh, popee the performer, afterlife, ruby gloom, morel orel, adams family, the munsters, neon genesis, cowboy bebpop, lain, the it crowd, what we do in the shadows, trailerpark boys, saladfingers, aggretsuko, clone high, lenore, llamas with hats, ENA, charlie the unicorn, beavis and butthead, robin, blackbooks, blackadder, father ted, the young ones, bottom, little britain, harry enfield and chums, come fly with me, old spongebob


Books: I CANT READ...(jthm, squee<33)



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OMGG TY FOR ACCEPTING! I'm so inlove w ur layout the way its so cluttered yet easy to read.... and the red theme! It's gorgeous!

Also I haven't heard of watership down in so long I remember being a wee lass and thinking abt how gruesome everything was.... the visuals were so amazing tho u have great taste hehe

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OMG THANK U SM!! watership down rlly was such a unique childhood movie<3 and i also rlly loved ur profile omfg that artstyle theme is so pleasing 2 look at!!

by robyn; ; Report

syd ˚₊· ͟͟͞͞➳❥

syd ˚₊· ͟͟͞͞➳❥'s profile picture

ty for the add :) love the profile

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thank uu:)

by robyn; ; Report

corpse of gremlin

corpse of gremlin's profile picture

hiiiii!! :D ty for adding me!! I love ur layout!!!

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Your profile/layout is so cool!!!

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thank yououu, lovely person!

by robyn; ; Report


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omgg, I realy love your profile!! it's so cool

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thank youu^^

by robyn; ; Report


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cool profile!

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thank u 4 acceptingg:)

by robyn; ; Report


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Love your music taste!!

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ur music is so unique it really reminds me of animal collective

by robyn; ; Report

Thank U!!! I was just listening to Sung Tongs :O

by Jestamang; ; Report


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(ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ ⚡ Your profile is so unique, totally loving the vibe!!! (*≧ω≦) Thanks for being a part of my digital world!!! 👾 (✿◠‿◠)

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aww i appreciate it:) your kaomojis are SOOO ADORBS btw!

by robyn; ; Report


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this paig is so c00l i laik that tone of red!!!

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thank u SM

by robyn; ; Report


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WOAHHHHH how did YOU stumble into the circus??

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YESSSSS QUE THE WACKINESS🤹‍♀️🤹‍♀️🤹‍♀️🤹‍♀️🤹‍♀️🤹‍♀️

by robyn; ; Report


𝔏𝔘ℭℑ𝔈's profile picture

Thank you so much for the add, I'm not feeling very good right now and your skeleton gif made me laugh :')

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that is the sweetest thing ive heard all day🖤 thank u sm for accepting!!!

by robyn; ; Report


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THANKU kind stranger!!!!

by robyn; ; Report


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Cool page!

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thank u SM:)) i adore ur old web style!!

by robyn; ; Report


by Wubzilla; ; Report


ꚃ𝓪ட's profile picture

Thanks for accepting my friend request!! profile looks awesome and you seem cool as hellll

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and thank u 4 the add dude!!! ur music taste is rad as hell icl

by robyn; ; Report


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OMG you seem so cool!! Do you have insta?

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thx 4 the add u seem super cool

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ur welcomee^_^ i love ur profile!!

by robyn; ; Report

I <3 Escape The Fate

I <3 Escape The Fate's profile picture

Thx sm 4 the add back! U seem rlly cool ^_^

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UR COOL TOO!੭•̀ω•́) love ur profile sm!!

by robyn; ; Report

woahh linkin park and crystal castles ur so cool!!

by Ashe; ; Report

YAYY! thank u somuch<3333

by robyn; ; Report

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