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"can't stop won't stop"

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Some additional interests that weren't mentioned in the About Me heading are that I produce independent feature films where nobody (incl. me) gets paid, lol. I like country music and I play a little piano and guitar. I am British, but I've been told I sound: 1. American 2. Canadian 3. Drunk Hmmmm what else? Oh, I set very high expectations of myself then fall into infrequent spells of guilt and shame when I don't constantly meet them. Nice to meet you!


My music is kind of all over the place, but there's a Southern/Midwestern American river that flows through it all, splashing everything but drowning nothing (except Willie Nelson, but he's too high to drown.) Warren Zevon, Murder by Death, Willie Nelson, Ben Folds, Pixies. I'm only just getting into Fountains of Wayne and Fiona Apple and Alex Cameron, but they're shaping up to be quite pivotal to me.


I have a Zodiac tattoo; I think that movie is pretty good. The following is a list of films I love that gets progressively more obscure as it goes along: Finding Nemo, Arrival, Hamilton, Gattaca, Nightcrawler, Steve Jobs, Sunset Boulevard, Snowpiercer, 12 Angry Men, The Great Waldo Pepper, Let There Be Light, Being There, American Movie and Saturday Night, Sunday Morning. There. Give some of them a watch and come back to me.


I like a lot of TV shows, but these are ones that made me stay up all night panicking that I'll never be able to reach such heights. Chernobyl, Breaking Bad, Community, Succession, The Newsroom, Fleabag.


Okay, so pretty much anything by Vonnegut is going to automatically have a place on this list, but for the sake of brevity, I'll say Breakfast of Champions is my favourite and the rest are interchangeable. I also loved Flowers for Algernon by Keyes, and Queenie by Carty-Williams. Rebel Without a Crew by Rodriguez was fundamental to my growth as a filmmaker. The Comedy Improvisation Manual by UCB was very important to me as well, I studied that fucker like the bible. The Malcolm X book by Haley was a big one also. How to Become Financially Free by Anthony J. Peter literally solved all of my financial problems, so I'd be a villain if I didn't admit that. Okay, that'll do.


Mark Duplass's speech at SxSW was quite inspirational to me and I imbibed a lot of his ethos from that. I don't necessarily have any heroes, because I'm really just trying to figure out how to be myself, mix me with anyone else and the results would also be mixed.

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About me:

Improv and movies and writing and reading; Listening to music and much oversleeping; Vonnugut, Gattaca, alcohol drinks; These are a few of my favourite things!

Who I'd like to meet:

I now understand that this question means 'what type of people I'd like to meet on here', and not 'what celebrity would you die to have lunch with'. Progress is slow, guys. I want to meet left-leaning creatives/chill gadabouts. I have a point system:- +1 for filmmakers (in any area/profession) +2 for improvisers +3 for people who drink alcohol by choice (but not in a sad way) +6 for people who like Kurt Vonnegut

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sarah ♡

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thanks for adding!
♡ have a great weekend!

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No worries, you too!!

by NottJack; ; Report

Đ Ξ ₦ I Δ L ™

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hiya! thanks for the add! 💚
how's your week been? 😄

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Aha pretty good, got back into being productive again. How about yours?

by NottJack; ; Report

looking for motivation to be productive hahaha

by Đ Ξ ₦ I Δ L ™; ; Report

I feel you. There's this thing -- I forget what it's called -- but it's like a domino effect of motivation. Here's the trick: do one thing.

It could be "make your bed" or "have a shower". The idea is that it gets you on your feet doing something. Once you have completed that, you will be able to use the momentum of that to start doing something else.

It helps to write a list, e.g.:

-Make Bed
-Read five pages of book
-Write 500 words

And so on Works like a charm for me

by NottJack; ; Report

ill definitely have to try that.
im usually motivated to do stuff but this week has just dragged on so long.

by Đ Ξ ₦ I Δ L ™; ; Report

Any particular reason, or just one of those weeks?

by NottJack; ; Report

its just one of those weeks haha
its been a good weekend so far tho

by Đ Ξ ₦ I Δ L ™; ; Report