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My hobbies include video games, crafting, reading and watching TV. Of course playing Animal Crossing, My Farm, Fenyx Rising, Fortnight (Friend code: SW-2490-9955-3503) and Sims 4 takes a lot of my time. I like to read, watch Sci-Fi type shows on TV, and inhale super hero anything. I'm working on starting a new business making gaming resin items like DND dice and Ouija boards. I'm pretty excited to get this started. I'm an entrepreneurial mortal at heart. Yeah Capricorns!


Literally everything. I mostly jam to hard rock and heavy metal. Halsey and Gaga are my QUEENS. I am not ashamed to say that I listen to the old country; Clint Black, The Mavericks, Garth Brooks. Sorry, not sorry. When I want to get witchy I listen Skàld, Warduna and Heilung. I love my Viking music!


I love the type of movies that make me completely rethink my life. Psychological thrillers and horrors. The type of movie I choose is more of my mood though.


Comedy, adult animation, anime. My favorites right now are Star Trek: Discovery, Titans, Castle Rock; now that I think about it I have so many I could list them over a mile long.


Books. I love books. I'm in two Book of the Months 😝. I read everything from Historical Fiction to some good old sexy smut. Favorites favorites include: anything that Stephen King writes, Herman Hesse, The Giver inspired my love for post-apo and dystopian fiction. My favorite non-fiction books include any Corey Taylor bios, true crime and cultural issues. I collect witchcraft related books. Like astrology, herbs, spells and the like.


I have none. Every single time I lift someone up, or hold them higher they disappoint. They end up being pedophiles or rapists or a member of cult 45.

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Hi!!! I'm Rowan. My pronouns are they/them. I am a witch and tarot reader. I live in the Northern part of Colorado. My partner, teen, 2 dogs and my teens cat all coexist in the same house. (How!?) I’ve been married to the same wonderful man for 5 years. He brought with him 2 wonderful kids. I could never have kids, so I was truly blessed by the gods to have 2 beautiful beings as step kids. One teen lives here (help me y'all!!), the other lives with her mom in another state. Recently I found my true authentic self in genderqueerness. I've always felt a little different (I mean besides being a witch and talking to dead people and animals like Cinderella). I can't really explain it when I saw the "definition" and it clicked. Like holy shit, that's me. True joy is having someone not only call you your chosen name but your pronouns (which are they/them/theirs). I have a zoo here at the Post house. 2 dogs: Luna and Draco, and a cat; Nightshade. I am an ordained priestess through the Universal Life Church. I can perform marriages and pre-martial counseling, funerals, and visit the sick and dying. I was excited about getting my certificate. I felt like it was my way to give back to the world. November 2019 I was in a pretty bad accident. He hit me going 45ish while my foot was on the break. Completely blew a disc. I went through 5 months of PT and hell until I finally got "approved" for surgery. Well, ended up with MRSA from the first surgery, spent mothers day, and a whole week in the hospital. Got a second surgery and nothing got fixed. I ended up with hypothyroidism from the antibiotics. It was a trial by fire. Some days I wanted to die because of the pain and horrific side effects of that antibiotic. The reason I'm telling you this, is because it's become who I am. I was molded into a different person that I dearly love. I've always been a weirdo, on the fringes of society; just like a witch should. I've only recently begun to realize my place on this earth, and who I am. I have witchcraft to thank for that.

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