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I am one of is viewers and I love spreading his content. He deserves more audience, no matter where y'all come from 🌸





Does Manga count as books?


Of course, if you see my name--tag, the obvious answer would be him. And no, it is not because of his looks (even he looks like a snack, hahahhaahah....) It's because he does things no one would risking doing it. Yes, someone who his quitly well-known in German YouTube, TikTok & Instagram Community. He is the only one who is being the 'real-est' on Social Media. He is not afraid exposing Influencers with thier fake advertisements. Or he is the one that explains serious stuff. Those are very deep topics that is really helpful to me (and to his viewers, too, of course). But, what does it have to do with the risk I mentioned before? - Well, he mostly exposes Influencer that have, sadly, more audience. And the most Influencers, he tries to expose, uses their own audience to manipulate them, so they get what they want - Fame and Money. Mostly, others will let it happen, just to avoid this because they would get a lot of hate from Fans. And yes, at end he got many hate for that. However, he never gave up, and that is what I like about him. Someone that tries to fix things in this broken world, no matter how bad the results are. At least he know what he is doing. And what he does in my eyes, is something what a hero would do. He is saving this Generation.

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,,Normaler Zuschauer so wie du'' ---- Normal viewer like you ---- Welcome to my page, kind stranger ♥ Here on my profil, I will tell you about the German YouTuber Ahmad Ahmad (Ahmad.neu). Why? - You will find out, soon. But I can tell you that he is someone who is a very special one when it comes to serious topics. The reason for, he is the only one on German YouTube who seriously explains any topics that we all need to hear. So stay tuned, Fwiends!

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I would love it if you all take your time and read my Blog. I will often going to publish his work that deals with a specific Topic.
Luv y'all ♡♡♡♡♡

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