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" Pfp is me / Gamer / Tattoo Artist / Body Piercer"

Those who stand for nothing, fall for anything

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Terror reid, caroles daughter, zillakami, ghostemane, suicideboys, bbno$, yung gravy, riff raff, Marilyn Manson, oliver tree, burgos, g mo skee, spm, corpse husband, super love, warlord colossus, guardin to name a few.


Texas chainsaw massacre, halloween, Friday the 13th, nightmare on elm Street, child's play, scream, Teeth, tusk, resident evil, silent hill, bones and all, American Mary, chained.


American dad, rick and morty, aqua teen hunger force, ren and stimpy, bobs burgers, rockos modern life, spongebob, courage the cowardly dog, Dexter's laboratory, Ed edd and eddy, cat dog, ahhhh real monsters, adventure time, regular show, always sunny in philadelphia, Seinfeld, the Erick Andre show, Tim and Eric's awesome show. crop 6156913275-a853ef398d-b a-Rr-OOqy-460s Ed-Edd-N-Eddy-Outro-Background

HD-wallpaper-catdog-dimensional-90s-awesome-black-hole-cartoon-childhood-classic-interdimensional-ni image-w1504-overlaid raf-750x1000-075-t-000000-44f0b734a5 ugndnrtxgsw81



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About me:

Some of my art: 20220705-185921 20220705-221703 20221113-141239 20221114-095633

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Who I'd like to meet:

Seth rogen, Keanu Reeves, Michael Cera, James Franco, Adam Sandler, Christopher Mintz, Norman Reedus, Pete Davidson. 167023-v9-bb 623d200ea2e45b0019504e47 81 gettyimages-161098947-square

MV5-BMj-Qy-Nz-M2-Mj-M1-Ml5-BMl5-Ban-Bn-Xk-Ft-ZTcw-MDE5-Nj-I3-Mg-V1-FMjpg-UX1000 MV5-BMTQy-Nj-Uz-MDk5-N15-BMl5-Ban-Bn-Xk-Ft-ZTcw-Nzk0-Nzk5-Mw-V1 norman-reedus-g3g8 petedavidsontattoos2020

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heeyy, I loved your drawings! Nice work :D

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Perty The Virtual Musician

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Hiii! 💜🩵🩷

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Thanks for the add <3

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thank u 4 tha add :33 <3

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Dr. Krush U

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nice art

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Awesome page! And is that you in your profile picture and general list? Because then you look really cool.

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Hello! Thanks! I am artist singing in English, Spanish, French & Japanese ♬ ♫ ♪
All my original. If you like to see all my YouTube Videos, they are at:
Have a nice day (◠‿◠).

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♫♪ Hello James! Nice to see you here too! As a Duo our page also has our own original Music Tracks/Vids, Links to our Spotify, YouTube Music, Amazon, Apple Music etc... Our YouTube Videos are at: ☮(ˆ◡ˆ)☮ Thank You

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♬ ♫ ♪ Welcome James! My page has my own original Music Tracks/Vids, Links to my Spotify, YouTube Music, Amazon, Apple Music etc... My YouTube Videos are at: ⭐(◕‿◕)⭐ Thanx!

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Hi, thx for the add ::]

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Thanks for the add, check out my Music and my poetry on my profile, you can also download any of my songs or poems for free here=

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𝓜𝓮𝓭𝓮𝓾𝔁𝓼𝓪's profile picture

thanks for the add!

sick art! nice to meet you!


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thanks for the add! your profile is awesome :D

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I ADORE your profile!! please I need to know the name of that font?!? its so so cool!

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Thanks! And the font is called Ghastly

by Spacecadetjames; ; Report


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thx for the add :)

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Cool profile!

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Wacky Alex

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If you like wacky music, give our channel a try.

We're playing the wackiest mix ever! Check it out!

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