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Gothic Subculture, Scene crap, METALLL, video gamess B) Mostly RPG's n stuff. Not big on shooters or PVP. I like Killing Floor 2 tho. Elder scrolls online is my current obsession. I also like Star Wars: The Old Republic. And uhhmmm... Oblivion and Skyrim. I like the Star wars kotor RPGS. o3o BrUH wat else do I like. OH YEAH I am an artist and I do digital work and traditional. I do a blend of both tbh. I really like grilled cheese and cereal. I'm obsessed with the gothic subculture and it's music. I love darkwave and industrial music. Black metal is also a new obsession of mine, I really enjoy symphonic black metal like Dimmu Borgir and Carach Angren. I just recently got into scene stuff, I liked a lot of the music when I was younger and now I'm getting into that a little bit. Uhmmmmm.... I really can't think of anything else dude.


My music tastes really started with music I hear from Guitar Hero. I'm actually a little obsessed with guitar hero. But it started with metallica and rammstein and kinda developed from there. I really enjoy metal like thrash, death and black metal as well industrial metal. Then before the metal I was accidently into scene music a bit cuz my older siblings. When I turned like 16 I got into the goth subculture and was introduced into postpunk, darkwave and gothic rock and I fell in love with that too. I also REALLY love rap and I actually used to want to be a rapper when I was little xD.Yeah that kinda sums up my music tastes. Other than I secretly like country music *whisper* dont tell a soul ):


Spooky movies are all good. I really like Micheal Myers hes like yes. I actually have not seen all of the halloween movies. OOPS. I really like horror tho. And just influential goth films are great. Im shitting and pissing over the Underworld films right now. I just watched the first one. I will watch the others eventually.


I don't watch TV oops. I like jojo's bizzare adventure and youtube.


I own tons of books I haven't read yet oOPS. I started reading IT and had nightmares.


My hero is bingus.

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About me:

I'm 22 and I like grilled cheese. Im too fucking lazy to make my own layout. maybe one day. This one was made by TheJasmineSixx.

Who I'd like to meet:

I'd like to meet the entire band roster of rammstein, metallica, and carach angren. Also Asmongold cuz never stop going big dick. Oh, and Jeff Goldblum i love him.

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