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I love music it’s the thing that gives my life meaning and harmony. I don’t think I could live without it. Longboarding provides such an intense thrill for me like you know you can get hurt but the adrenaline makes it so rewarding. Even when I do fall there’s a clarity to the pain and I just get up and keep going. I am also a baby witch so any tips would be greatly appreciated! :)


~Death ~NIN ~Type O Negative ~Slayer ~Of Mice & Men ~Ghost ~Korn ~Deftones ~Black Flag ~Dead Kennedy’s ~Misfits ~Gojira ~Anthrax ~Alice In Chains ~Static-X ~Cannibal Corpse ~SOAD ~Kittie ~Coal Chamber ~Primus ~Skinless ~Slaughter to Prevail ~Avenged Sevenfold ~Dream Theater ~Venom ~Sepultura ~RATM ~Nirvana ~Muse ~Pink Floyd ~Escape the Fate ~The Dresden Dolls ~Jack Off Jill ~BMTH ~Evanescence ~Metallica ~Megadeth ~Sleeping With Sirens ~Cake ~Symphony X ~Motionless in White ~Siouxsie and the Banshees ~Mastodon ~Coheed and Cambria ~Iron Maiden ~Black Sabbath


~Nightmare Before Christmas ~Sonic the Hedgehog (1+2) ~Scott Pilgrim ~LOTR ~Neverending Story ~Hellraiser


~Owl House ~Stranger Things ~One Piece ~Evangelion ~Cuphead


~The Iliad ~Oedipus Rex (technically a play don’t care though) ~The Giver ~Percy Jackson ~The Gothic Tales of H.P. Lovecraft


~John Myung ~Victor Wooten ~Les Claypool ~James Hetfield ~Jason Newsted ~Paul Gray ~John Petrucci ~Matt Heafy ~Tobias Forge ~Dave Mustaine ~Shavo Odadjian ~Daron Malakian ~Serj Tankian

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About me:

I am a musician but I am most aquatinted with bass guitar(Looking for a band! If you need a bass player message me!), Non-Binary, pan-romantic, an asexual glob of unadulterated mass. INTJ-A/INTJ T. I long board and make art as well. BLM He/They

Shadow the Hedgehog - Sonic Heroes

Who I'd like to meet:

Just really people who are part of the far left of the political spectrum. I am literally just a punk. (I am also looking for a drummer and guitarist) The drummer needs to be able to write their own drum parts because I can’t do that, I’m on bass and vocals, and the guitarist can really be anyone I just need a live player who knows you could also become a main member :)

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Perty The Virtual Singer

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💕 💞

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sorry im late but thx for teh add!!

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Lady Sho Shinjo

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Thanks for the add! ^.^

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You’re welcome!

by The_frog; ; Report


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your profile looks sick! also your interests are dope. didn't really imagine there'd be a political bunch on this site, so i figured i'd keep my bs to instagram. turns out that there are apparently, and even based ones lmao

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Thanks! I think it’s imperative people know what side of that spectrum I’m on either to allow for debate or deter any far right radicals who would kill me for existing- then again it’s good to spread the political ideas we have in helping people understand them or look at things from a different perspective even if it doesn’t completely change their view as everyone is entitled to their own beliefs as long as others are not being harmed of course.

by The_frog; ; Report

i couldn't agree more. phrased wonderfully!

by Mathias; ; Report


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love the profile

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Thanks! Yours is very cool as well!

by The_frog; ; Report


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ty 4 the add

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You’re welcome! :]

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Hunter's Cyberspace

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heyyy thx 4 the add!

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You’re welcome :) you have a really cool vibe!

by The_frog; ; Report

thx! >.

by Hunter's Cyberspace; ; Report


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thx 4 the add!!

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You’re welcome! ^^

by The_frog; ; Report

nalani nyctophilica

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u r so cool wtf-

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Thank you! So are you! :)

by The_frog; ; Report


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thanks for the add! i've been listening to some of your tracks on spotify and really enjoying them, good soup is great:D

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Thank you so much! I’m glad you’re enjoying them :) I am currently working on the next which I plan on making much more high quality!

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hubert breast

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thanks for the add!! :D

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You’re welcome! :) You have a very cool aura!

by The_frog; ; Report

you too, you too

by hubert breast; ; Report


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tysm 4 adding me! u seem rly cool

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You’re welcome! :) You seemed very cool as well!

by The_frog; ; Report

!! page fw !! rinsucksatlife

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type o negative!! ur so cool whatt!! thx so much 4 the add :D

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Oh yeah of course :] you’re hella cool too!!

by The_frog; ; Report


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You’re welcome! :)

by The_frog; ; Report

☆ Mawlz Bawlz ☆

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Thx for the add dope page !

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Thank you! So is yours!

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thnx for the add :)

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You’re welcome :]

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Thanks for the add! HELL YEA GHOST!

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Oh yeah np :) and yes I agree GHOST IS FUCKING AWESOME one the best metal bands ever tbh

by The_frog; ; Report

Cyrus SCENe

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hey! thx 4 adding me!

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You’re welcome! You just seemed cool :]

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thanks for adding me! you seem really cool

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You’re very welcome and thank you! so do you :)

by The_frog; ; Report

thank youu :]]

by Cr0wl3y; ; Report


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Thanx for the add!

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You’re welcome! :)

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